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Home >> Pianma Anti-British Memorial travel guide and tours

Pianma Anti-British Memorial

Pianma Anti-British MemorialThe horse is one of the important pieces frontier outpost frontier of the motherland, but also the Nujiang window opening, national second border crossings that piece mazhen location, here was one of the Silk Road, Gu Xinan channel, but it is also the frontier of all ethnic groups in early nineteenth-century British colonial aggression to fight the main battlefield. To commemorate the victory of anti-British struggle Pianma Peoplemade to witness history, promote patriotism ideas, promote reform and opening up, the CPC Central Committee and the provincial government 's care and support. Anti-British victory memorial Pianma Peopleon June 4, 1989 completed completed. May 1989, the People's Government of Nujiang horse anti-British victory memorial tablets as the first batch of state-level cultural relics protection units; November 1993, the People's Government of Yunnan Province, which is the fourth installment of the provincial cultural relics given protection units; April 1997, and was named the provincial government as provincial patriotism education base. Anti-British victory memorial Pianma Peoplebuilt over a decade, to promote open flat horse crossings, promote local economic development, promote the development of tourism in the border areas, the establishment of border ethnic areas patriotic ideological education positions socialist material and spiritual civilization has made a positive contribution.

Piece mazhen Lushui located west, is the seat of the provincial film horse crossings, Lushui front and window open border, west, and north bordering Myanmar, with a total area of 327.55 square kilometers. Pianma Peopleanti-British victory memorial, built to slope the top left of the West D word intersection of the seat of government in the piece mazhen piece horse. Memorial imitation residential style building Dasan people, both with national characteristics, but also has a modern atmosphere, surrounded by green mountains on three sides, the protection area of 20,000 square meters. Has a hall, display 116 exhibits, including literature data 56, the picture data 34, in-kind 26; meeting room one (40 seats); hall one (247 seats), as well as offices, reception, lounge, storage room, Yunnan tour package is ideal territory of our state and even county tourism, tourist attraction, it is the cadres and troops, masses and patriotic education of young students, ethnic unity education and demonstrate the southwest border and customs Landscape of natural resources better place.

Majestic monuments, such as a history of the giant statue of indomitable spirit, standing majestically among the pines and cypresses in pieces the horse, under the moon and the stars glittering, recounting the world the strong will of the Chinese people's pride and hero !

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