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Home >> Gaoligong Mountains sightseeing tours

Gaoligong Mountains

Gaoligong MountainsMountain, for many people, may still be a strange name, however, this spans five latitude bands, dragon mountains in general, but it is on Earth is now only preserved large tracts of moist tropical forests to temperate forests the transition region, is the world's most precious biodiversity is also extremely rare in the region very prominent. 1986, was listed as a national nature reserve Gaoligong Mountains, 1992 Gaoligong Mountains National Nature Reserve is the World Wildlife Fund (WWF as Class A ( the world's most important nature reserves in 2000, UNESCO organization of the national Nature Reserve was officially approved Gaoligong Mountains accepted as a member of the World network of Biosphere Reserves. honor those throughout 94 countries around the world, a total of 391 protected areas, while only 19 of China's Yunnan Province, only Gaoligong Mountains and Xishuangbanna tour.

In this area of the nature reserve Gaoligong Mountains only 120,000 hectares of land has been documented in more than 4600 kinds of higher plants, which accounted for 17% of the species of higher plants species. There are more than 500 kinds of higher plants are endemic and rare species Gaoligong Mountains areas where bald fir, Cyathea, water Aoki, ginkgo and other 70 kinds of higher plants for the national and provincial rare and protected plants. Here is the camellia, magnolia, orchid, gentian, Primula, Meconopsis, lilies, azaleas and other "Yunnan Eight flowers" hometown. Strain the world's protected areas cuckoo king - rhododendron trees, diameter 2.1 m, over 40 thousand flowers bloom every year, with its bright and gigantic flowers and majestic momentum dominate. Gaoligong Mountains vegetation is divided into eight vegetation types, namely tropical monsoon forest, subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, deciduous forest, coniferous forest, shrubs, bushes and meadows. There are four kinds of plants to protect the national level, 20 kinds of national protected plants, 30 kinds of provincial key protected plants.

There are 154 kinds of mammals Gaoligong Mountains, 419 kinds of birds and 21 species of amphibians, 56 kinds of reptiles -type animals, 49 kinds of fish, 1,690 kinds of insects, including the national level to protect animals 18 kinds, 49 kinds of national animal protection provincial protected animals five kinds. Such as the Bengal tiger, takin, gibbons, Sclater's Monal, red pandas and so on.

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