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Meili Snow Mountain

Meili Snow MountainMeili snow mountain is also called prince snow mountain, is located in deqin county, yunnan province, about 10 km northeast of hengduan mountains midway between the nu river and the lancang river, at an average altitude of 6000 meters above has 13 peaks, referred to as the "prince 13 peaks", main kagebo peak stretch peak 6740 meters above sea level, is the first peak in yunnan. In 1908 the French Ma Jieer Davis was first used in the book of yunnan "meili snow mountain".

Due to the high terrain north south low prince snow mountain, valley, south airflow can be traced back to the valley, under the influence of monsoon, wet and dry seasons, and the mountain high, forming the different vertical climatic zone. 4000 meters above the snow line snow peaks of the high and steep, radiant; Valley glaciers stretch for miles, spectacular. Large glaciers have new just, just, denian just. And below the snowline, glacier on either side of the hill is covered with lush mountain shrub and coniferous forest, lush and green, and white XueXiang mirror bright color. Lin asked distribution have rich natural pasture, bamboo chicken, get a child, red pandas, red deer and bear and other animals are active.

Alpine meadow on also has Chinese caterpillar fungus, fritillaria and other precious medicinal herbs. Meili snow mountain, not only the complex terrain, climate change is more complicated, every summer, the mountain valley temperatures can reach 11-29 ¡æ, the mountain is - 10 ¡æ, 20 ¡æ. Average annual rainfall is 600 mm, mostly concentrated in June - August, during this volatile climate, climate zone is climbing.

Meili snow mountain is a world famous jinsha river, lancang river, nujiang "three rivers flow" and areas, winter o Tibet's mountains in the north, south and garden Luo Xueshan inferiorly. Its main kagebo peak stretch altitude of 6740 meters, is located in east longitude 98.6 ¡ã and 28.4 ¡ã north latitude, is located in the main ridge NuShan ridge line.

Meili snow mountain peaks kagebo peak stretch, the highest peak in yunnan, to Tibetan Buddhism NingMa branch ng in the protector. Like a magnificent towering pyramid peak type, more snow mountain scenery of the sea of clouds on batch with a layer of mysterious veil. Is known as "the god of snowy mountain" kagebo peak stretch as one of the eight mountains in Tibetan areas and famous in the world.

Meili snow mountain is famous for its towering magnificent and mysterious, as early as the 30 s American scholars praised kagebo peak stretch peak as "mountain" is the most beautiful of the world. Kagebo peak stretch peak, ice bucket, ice cold, like jade dragon stretch, dazzling ice and snow, is the world's rare modern maritime glacier. Below take deng gong temple, dagon's temple is a monastery pilgrimage mountain top. Each year, Tibet, yunnan, sichuan, qinghai and gansu Tibetan are come to worship, have rich Tibetan custom, is people step into adventure travel the holy land.

Meili snow mountain is one of the most spectacular snow mountain in yunnan mountains, hundreds of redundant set rolling in the snow snow mountain ridge, deqin county take up 34.5% of the area. Diqing Tibetan people in meili snow mountain at the foot of traces left behind generations survival, also gives profound cultural implication to the meili snow mountain. Meili snow mountain has 13 prince not only bee and peculiar to the snowy mountains of various snow area. Kagebo peak stretch peaks, glaciers, ice moraine all over, one of the mingyong glacier is one of the most spectacular glaciers. Under the ice from an altitude of 5500 meters to 2700 meters above sea level of the forest belt, eight kilometers, more than 500 meters wide, covers an area of 73.5 square kilometers. The ice was billed as the world one of the few low latitude at an altitude of monsoon Marine modern glaciers. Described in lijiang sunflower treasure dian, meili snow mountain at the foot of the rain fall is well-preserved original Tibetan village village, worth a visit.

Kagebo peak stretch peak to the south, and rain pour down from km cliff collapse waterfall, in summer is particularly spectacular magic. For its snow water, poured from the xuefeng, so color pure gas cleaning; If sunlight, water transpiration cloud and mist, water mist sun it will set off for the rainbow. Rain falls under the water, in the heart is sacred mountain, their concentration by the spill, obtains auspicious meaning. Snow-capped mountains in the alpine lakes, lush forests, rare flowers wood and all kinds of wild animals is a special natural treasure snow area. Alpine lakes, clear transparent, in the snow mountain stream between bee mulde, Lin hai dotted, and inscrutable, and if anyone Shouting, has the effect of "boundless", almost all so anyone who passes by the folding of the static gas, do not wish to offend gods, tibetans in intact, rich forest is the blessing of Buddha mind and unspoiled environment.

Meili snow mountain are mingyong, the agriculture, the new thick pine four big glaciers, and of the world rare low latitude, low temperature (minus 5 degrees) and low altitude (2700 metres) of modern glacier, the longest, the largest glacier, is the mingyong glacier. Mingyong glacier down from an altitude of 6740 meters of meili snow mountain with arc has been spread out to 2600 m virgin forest area, 11.7 kilometers, the average width 500 meters, covers an area of 13 square kilometers, Yunnan tour to Meili Snow Mountain in Shangri-La melt flow 232 million cubic meters, is the southernmost latitude in our country under the ice tongue modern glacier in the lowest. Whenever sun sky snow mountain rising temperatures, melting ice is heated, hundreds of thousands of huge bodies of ice collapsed down, the noise of thunder, an earthquake shook, alarming spirit.

For now, however, due to global warming and tourists too much, the mingyong glacier melting speed, receding at an annual rate of about 50 meters. This kind of situation to the local residents and experts concerned.

Down at the time of the sontzen gampo kagebo peak stretch was local a marauding demon mountain, tantric master padmasambhava was eight big disaster, away all the pain, finally soothe kagebo peak stretch mountain god. Converted by lay people quit, right, thenceforth, did the son of the thousand buddhas gesar, under one wild the will of god, has become the essential system against the son of the thousand buddhas ridge orb lion the patron saint of king gesar, known as a symbol of - le Po lun heaven holy mountain, many, kang, ling (qinghai, gansu, Tibet and sichuan yunnan Tibet) all around the circle worship of the resort.

Kagebo peak stretch held eight mountain top, and the other seven big mountain, the mountain in 225 and the small mountain god, maintaining harmony and tranquility of nature. Tibetans believe that every high mountain gods at the head of the party nature, while kagebo peak stretch all over the whole of nature. In kagebo peak stretch mountain, you can't talk about all the subtleties of beautiful, because of any verbal praise analyzes from natural beauty is only praise kagebo peak stretch over the mountain the whole nature of the extremely small part of which are the disrespect for kagebo peak stretch the mountain, and disrespect for breadth and harmonious nature. When the donkey in the kagebo peak stretch the mountain trip, the Tibetan compatriots of the taboo is better to be respected.

Meili snow mountain in Tibetan books 13 of 6000 meters above the peak, were regarded as "practice in the palace of the fairy prince", especially the main card case, be as one of the eight big mountains in Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibetan guide to spread the fascinating Buddha land: "... kagebo peak stretch appearance such as the eight temples of hz implement stupa, chanting... like thousand Buddha surrounded in meeting. Buddha edge of thousand buddhas in the top, tens of thousands of intrepid empty line circle from four sides. The magic and desirable auspicious holy land, is predestined friends the human worship offering, there will be miracle. Bring sin body worship, is extremely difficult to reward yourself to......."

In guide the foreign transfer route all along the way scenery, all in accordance with the content of Buddhism as a guide and, therefore, all the scenery became Buddha of imprinting. According to claims of Buddhism, Buddha's decree by destiny of man can in turn be satisfied when the wonderful fruit, blessing that this life the afterlife. Turn the road visible many mani pile group, carving piled up on the wishes of the pilgrims.

Boarding potala palace in Lhasa even has such a legend: can see kagebo peak stretch in southeast of colorful clouds, visible to the top of the high, its brightness.

In Tibetan language habits, kagebo peak stretch is prince snow mountain peaks, mountain and the whole concept of the trinity of prince snow mountain called, since the ancient times the worship of tibetans. In the minds of the Tibetan, kagebo peak stretch peak is their protector. Local people think: human once the summit, god will leave them away. Without the protection of god, disaster will come.

Meili snow mountain in Tibetan is a holy mountain, in the Tibetan language is called "velvet kagebo peak stretch". Main kagebo peak stretch, the left (north) side of the mountain of poor pine JiWu, north to gather together again I, known as invincible demon god of war; The right (south) followed by Mr Barnes is Ding Ji, pau eight, auspicious Eva RenAn (five Buddha's crown peak), farther south Burma's posture is graceful goddess peak, Burma, is the princess of kagebo peak stretch peak, the sea goddess, who's niece, and legend is the daughter of lijiang jade dragon snow mountain. Tibetan area called kagebo peak stretch peak "velvet kagebo peak stretch", rong: refers to the river valley; Praise: belongs to the great god; Kagebo peak stretch: the great white snow; The meaning is: the holy snow mountains.

Some of our Yunnan tour packages to Shangri-La including the visit of Meili Snow Mountain, if you are interested in taking a tailor made trip to the mountain, please email us, our tour operator will customize a new Kunming tour for you.


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