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Home >> Gengma Total Buddha Temple tourist information

Gengma Total Buddha Temple

Gengma Total Buddha TempleGengma total Buddhist temple, dedicated Dai Li Meng Wa fine, Gengma County in Yunnan Gengma suburbs, is a Pali Theravada Buddhist temple, presided over by the Qing Dynasty Qianlong GENGMA Xuanfuci rare division. Han Xie built by Gengma highest Ya drip by Zen abbot, but also their relatives Gengma toast worship places, also known as the official Burmese Temple. Geng Manan is the highest level in Buddhism, said Nursultan exploration. Xianfeng one to four years ( 1851-1854 ), the Guangxu 23 years ( 1897 ), has been rebuilt twice

Temple, including the main hall, the hall, ring church tower, shag, courtyards, walls, and other parts of the temple gates. The main hall of brick, inside there are two parallel rows of huge wooden pillars as the main support pillars and outer sides of the subframe undertake to form partial Ha. Nave and partial combination of three storeyed building construction, site schungite watts. The house about 30 meters high, 15 meters wide and 27 meters long. About 3 meters wide corridor, a 1.5 -meter corridor outside the low wall surrounding. After Sakyamuni Buddha hall is also available for the western end of the eight columns like clay statue, in addition to the water god Ukrainian Hoya, the other eight are all Arhat statue like that with Allah, A bottom teeth, micro- pulling, off set teeth, Ma Hanan wood, Ada Li, Ma Haga Chad ( Tatu Lohan ), which is affected by the mainland Chinese Buddhist and Buddhism differ from place Dehong, Meng company and Xishuangbanna tours. Addition of a hall outside the East straighten the hall, hall erected around two trees six meters high brick columns and six giant poles for support, brick floors. The hall is a central roof eaves side of the slope, above the eaves and the addition of a Shanding, two surface slope. So this is just scattered on three sides slope between the eaves of the hall and the eaves. In addition, over the top and sides of the hall were built two eaves, and with the main hall of the ridge and eaves closure under eaves berm ridge convergence. This layout allows the formation of the main hall and the hall overlap scattered, magnificent appearance.

Basilica base about one meter above the courtyard, started across several stone steps from the courtyard to log hall. Stone erected pair of stone lions on either side, head crouch for guard -like. Outside the foundation stone engraved with livestock, flowers, dragon, phoenix, lion and other relief. Past the courtyard also has a pagoda. There bell a drum room, five feet high, the diameter of three Shichi re 2665 Jin, the cast of " Wong plans to consolidate, Royal Road ya Chang " eight characters, inscribed as " twenty-seven times dynasty Ding Dan is not hereditary Midsummer sixteen gengma Xuanfuci Hanen Pei pious offering. " And the bell tower were destroyed during the "cultural revolution." After the Third Plenary Session, ethnic and religious policies have been implemented, after 1981, of the total temple repairs, raising gold 240,000 yuan, of which the Chinese Buddhist Association funded 160,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan subsidy Gengma County, Buddhist believers and all friends donation of 40,000 yuan, broke ground in October 1988, was completed in April 1990. Mr. Zhao Fuchu temple inscribed name " gengma total temple." Currently the entire temple monks maintained at 40 people.

The total current abbot called Gengma Buddhist country late Mary Hu, 64 years old, Yunnan Gengma County, serves Chinese Buddhist Association, Buddhist Association of Yunnan Province, the provincial CPPCC members, Gengma County CPPCC members, county president of the Buddhist Association.

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