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Home >> Fengqing Temple travel guide

Fengqing Temple

Fengqing TempleTemple Fengqing Bit Yufeng Qing county, is the worship of the great pioneer of Chinese traditional culture. Founder of Confucianism, Confucius memorial building, the building covers an area of about 12,000 square meters, Ming Fung Court, Chong Sheng Temple, Dacheng Hall, Dacheng Gate, Ling Xing Gate, Dragon Shihfang, Panchi composed, rational layout, superb, with a high level of architectural and historical research value of art, history and culture is the witness fengqing development. Is a provincial cultural relics protection units, Yunnan Province is the second largest extant Temple.

Fengqing Temple thirty-four years before the Ming Dynasty (AD 1606 ), the site in the south of Shan Dong Lu Qing Emperor Kangxi eight years ( AD 1669 ) the Department of relocation at West House, Tongzhi years ( AD 1873 ) has moved, built in the county Western Temple, vulgar you hon science, Guangxu nineteen years ( AD 1893 ) the end of the whole project, which lasted 300 years. The entire building layout to the process are quite ornamental and research value, is a symbol of fengqing cultural development.

Ming Fung Court, also known as Kuixing Court, the highest point in the county, three, 16 meters high, 11 meters wide side, hexagonal Spire, the bottom square, Yunnan tour packages to the Temple complex is the most significant part of the purpose. Dacheng Hall, the brick building civil engineering structures, eaves Shanding, about 12 meters high, Miankuo 18.3 m, depth 13 m, five -bay, surrounded by the buildings, buried by the 18 large diameter of over 50 cm column support. Openwork lattice doors, roof and a flower field, flower bar set with mountains tower at each end of a large dragon, Longkou towards the pagoda, the formation of two dragons grab treasure or Erlongxizhu. Upper and lower layers 8 watts each corner a lion. Upper surrounded by corridors, intermediate hollow, the main hall for people to Confucius' shrine. Under the lower eaves hanging " gentle in mind " tablet, the " holy master of " four characters under the upper roof. Dacheng Gate, 5 m brick, high area of 138,000 square meters, depth 7.5 m, three-bay. Ling Xing Gate, brackets brick structure, three four Zhu word order, each column has two large triangular stone foot fixed. Ling Xing Gate 9.7 meters away from the building at the gantry Shihfang connection Panchi. Shifang, high on both sides of the middle column is low, four square columns side by side, there are three major monument, four small monument, two relief. Monument book "Dragon ", " Jinsheng Yuzhen," " Jianghan Qiu Yang " and other words, Juan 's construction and the construction of a surname.

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