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Home >> Shuhe Ancient Town travel information and tour

Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe Ancient TownShuhe is located in the north from the Old Town of Lijiang. Naxi language called " Shao dock ", meaning " below the peak of the village." Shuhe Lijiang Naxi ancestors Bazi is the earliest settlements is one of the Tea Horse Road on the importance of well-preserved town, but also the Naxi ancestors from commercial farming civilization to civilization over living specimens, is opening up and form a caravan activities the town construction model. Lijiang Shuhe is an important part of the town's style around can be called " Little Lijiang." Town sitting East, sunny leeward, the village south of the mountains as Yulong Mountains, Yamagata beautiful, lush vegetation, white sand rock foot hospital has Phoenix Mountains, is the birthplace of Mu Clan, rivers and mountains to the beam shape and then changed, was auspicious elephant, geomancy home known as the " land of Danfeng book containing " prophecy cultural prosperity and prosperity. However, by the influence of the ancient city of Lijiang, Shuhe now has quickly entered the commercial ranks. In the Beam River will have a feeling of deja vu, I feel this is just a part of the ancient city of Lijiang.

It is similar to Square Street of Lijiang Old Town Square, an area of ??about 250 square meters, also known as Beam River Square. Shuhe Square Aspect only 30 meters, there are five roads leading to all directions, flow around Japan and for the city, Lijiang Bazi is one of the oldest bazaar. Around the square are shops, old wood facade, dark red paint. There bluestone shop front black, mottled shipo foot pavement, and sit for the elderly, sketched out Shuhe ancient natural color. Square is a Naxi from the nomadic to farming, and then toward the city's history traces.

"Tea -Horse Road Museum," is an important town attractions. Museum building was originally a 400 years ago Chieftain " Shuhe Institute" part of one of the " big sleep Palace mural" for the southern famous painter Ma Xiao Xian, retaining the Tang Dynasty style. This is China 's first specialized research and demonstrate Tea Horse Road museum of history and culture, but also the first in Lijiang tea culture research, advocacy, promotion of professional institutions. Museum of Comparative systematic introduction Tea Horse Road starting time lines and major historical events, is that people understand the history and culture of Tea Horse Road important window.

Shuhe Qinglongqiao is famous monuments. Qinglongqiao Ming Dynasty Wanli, dating back over 400 years of history, it is jubaoshan the west, facing the Tsing Lung Bridge jubaoshan axis, Yunnan Lijiang tour which is Chieftain 's design, but also the heyday Chieftain landmarks. 5 meters long, 4.5 meters wide, 4 meters high, all made ??of stone masonry, as the most ancient stone bridge in Lijiang, Shuhe Lijiang visible history of the economic and cultural landscape in the important position occupied. Mu traces deeply imprinted in Lijiang, whether in town or bundle Dayan Town.

This can be seen everywhere in Lijiang Sanyanjing were a pool of drinking water, two Tan vegetables, cooking utensils clean slate of the water, Santan dedicated to rinse clothes, and finally into the water drains from the third lake. Such Santan phase series, carry out their duties. Very environmentally friendly folk very sanitary facilities. Beam River water quality is quite good, there is a water source in the village called Longtan, is quite clear.

In fact, much like the feeling of Shuhe Lijiang decade ago, has just developed soon, commercialization and indigenization remained at an equilibrium point. Therefore, do not want to become a smaller version of the future Shuhe Old Town, Shuhe should fight the town has its own distinctive brand. Many people like more than Lijiang Shuhe, because there is no noisy electronic music, no crowds. Some tambourine rhythm guitar sound and light, in this town, listen carefully. In fact, years ago, the ancient city, so, too.

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