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Home >> Lugu Lake travel guide and tours

Lugu Lake

Lugu LakeTo the lake the day we run is to travel around the lake. Our party of 12 people pack the three " Poussin ", 200 yuan per vehicle. Los depression in Sichuan side down pier piers and five have such a charter hire, but if you go to the other side of the same models around in Yunnan package to $ 300, do not bargain. Of course, this is referring to the off-season prices, if, as the National Day holiday and the Spring Festival this different, we estimate you more money when there is no car, and as we live in the inn holidays may 1000 yuan You do not necessarily get to live. If you prefer to ride a cable car around the side of the lake in Sichuan rent is 80 yuan a car seat two people, and in Yunnan is $ 100, which is perhaps the regional price differences it seems Yunnan, Sichuan, much richer than ah!

Came to the monastery worship, universal religious Mosuo people, in the heart of the nation primitive religious worship hit Pakistan to teach, but also accepted the Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery in Sichuan Province is the only stupid lake foil sects ( Black Sect ) monastery, Lijiang tour to Lugu Lake commonly known as the "Great Hall." Where the winter sun on 15 Buddha Ji Ra France will be very grand, grand festival to become the Mosuo people. Beach lovers in worship, here are moving story about love waiting for you to experience. This would have been a pair of lovers of the tree, but was cut down during the Cultural Revolution, unfortunately! From this perspective, overlooking the mountain goddess.

Came progenitor pier, you can see the Russian island in Lake Anna, where the goose on the half-hearted, and the middle of that, do not look East West looked to you when one is not playing! Lu source cliff good scenery, the lake water blue shiny. The right side of the cliff is Lu source cliff, and lo and behold the stone lake like what? Like an alligator crocodile head exposed surface to breathe Lu source cliff at worship god, has been able to 3754.7 meters above sea level close to see the Gorm mountain goddess it. Heritage of the Tibetan Buddhist ritual sitting Lu source rocks on the cliff edge of a cliff and I'm just sitting in viewing the stone on the front edge of a cliff, but they did not give me the feeling to shoot the kind of abyss. I had to beat Mountain View are very realistic, feet on the swap on the cliff, but now gone, sorry!

Look at the height where the color in the color of the lake island (Bird Island) and lake lover trees. Small island birds this season, we have no on Bird Island ; Valentine tree near the facade began to repair some of the commercial and residential, and in fact, this will destroy the ecological, maybe a few years now here is absolutely not the flavor of it. Valentine tree is two pairs of children, the above two are the right pair of children Valentine tree, Nanzuonvyou. This is a pair of children left tree lover, male female Left Right. Here also became a romance, a place eachother. Rigby Island away from the shore close to a bridge connecting the island, is the place to experience the next day to go at night. You are looking at : Rigby Island lake where the shape of this piece look like a heart-shaped, while Rigby Island is like the heart of an emerald lake mosaic. I feel more like a lake Rigby Island never a diving submarine! ( Started Luanxiang ) gaze again from a different angle sparkling lake surrounded by Rigby Island.

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