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Home >> Lishui Jinsha travel information and tour

Lishui Jinsha

Lishui JinshaNational Dance Poem Lishui Jinsha. Lishui Jinsha choose to take the cultural image of the most representative of all ethnic groups in Lijiang, to be in the form of performance poetry and dance, becoming Lijiang another bright spot to attract tourists. Lishui Jinsha in the form of poetry and dance, and a blend of water-bred Lijiang strange mountains in northwest Yunnan plateau and unique ethnic culture Meteorology, absolutely beautiful ancient cultural treasures ancient Naxi Kingdom, choose to take the cultural image of the most representative of all ethnic groups in Lijiang in all directions to show the Lijiang unique and broad national culture and national spirit.
Lishui Jinsha

Dongba scriptures, said the natural environment for human survival called what. What and the man is half-brother. When you walk along the Millennium Tea Horse Road in Lijiang, into the mysterious scenery of the ancient Naxi kingdom, they deeply understand the what of hand, foot and affection. Three Parallel Rivers (Nujiang, Lancang and Jinsha River) is fantastic, snow-capped plateau of silence, with a gentle wind of nature, whisk contested earthly dust, human comfort tired soul. Language Naxi net inn courtyard, enjoy living in Lijiang Lijiang night night, the mountain nation to the unique tranquility and serenity, to show in front of me is a Qinggemanwu A Heaven. Bang Bang will Naxi, Yi Torch Festival, the Mosuo people take marriage as well as the pursuit of free love for Love, in the form of evening shows us never come into contact with these visitors, Lijiang. This is not a party to show customs of ethnic minorities, it is a journey of the mind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, feel the original sound, what could be more pleasant than this? Lishui Jinsha is divided into four: order, water, mountains, love.

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