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Home >> Lijiang Ancient Town travel guide and tour

Lijiang Ancient Town

Lijiang Ancient TownDecember 3, 1997, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee unanimously adopted the Old Town of Lijiang included in the " World Heritage List."

Lijiang is located in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, a long history, beautiful scenery, majestic natural environment, are the descendants of the ancient Qiang, Naxi hometown. Lijiang 2,400 meters above sea level, is the central city of Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, one of China's historical and cultural city, is a national key scenic spots. Lijiang weather and pleasant climate all year round, even in the heat of July and August, the weather here is still over 26 degrees, very comfortable. It seems I Do not have to worry about the 16 o'clock came to the city for a day wasted time, because here long sunshine hours, 20:00 yet dark, time Quite see with, music I do not know fatigue.

We walked in Lijiang ancient streets, roaming Town Square commercial center, I would see water gurgling rivers and canals, riverside willows Fushui, in front of City restaurants houses or bridges, or a river behind the house, countless streets trickle, wearing wall around the household winding away. These shares are from the north of the city of Xiangshan clean the foot of Yuquan. Mountain on the water Lijiang Dayan Town, Lijiang tours neither tall siege, nor spacious and bright road, but it is quaint and picturesque, always revealing the natural harmony. The town house because of the terrain and water scattered downs, people with beautiful wood and stone and mud build appropriate housing, into the Han, white, traditional Tibetan houses, forming a unique style. Milling around the city, very busy, shops, selling a variety of ethnic characteristics buy gadgets, Dongba Campanula ( letter hand- best 10 5 ), all kinds of shawls, wood carvings, drums... fresh City... here and bars have to sing and play guitar singer for eating drinking adds flavor. I also tried the online winning December ribs and yogurt, the general feeling, the overall feel is more expensive restaurants in town, we are always three people a meal to spend hundreds of blocks, especially outside the shop there is beauty soliciting more expensive or in some popular dishes in town to eat more cost-effective.

It is worth mentioning that, in the streets of the ancient city wall from time to time you will see " Dongba ", which is a picture of hieroglyphics. The Naxi Dongba scriptures ancestors used to record the unique text, is the world's only living picture hieroglyphs. Today in China, respectively, as well as some European and American Collection National Library, Museum of over 20,000 volumes Dongba ancient, thousands of years of recorded Naxi glorious history and culture. Which is called " negotiation model" Dongba dance spectrum, including dozens of dance music and dance of ancient art, is extremely rare precious documents. Known as the ancient Naxi "encyclopedia " of Dongba scriptures, the study of Naxi culture, history of great value.

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