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Home >> Tiger Leaping Gorge sightseeing tours

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping GorgeTiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon of Lijiang tours, Yunnan, China, is located on the Jinsha River between the Yulong and Zhongdian. According to legend, the Jinsha River every dry season, the Tigers down there, on this reef vacated crossed the river after a little settled, so called Tiger Leaping Gorge river rocks is called tiger jumped the stone.

The confrontation between the two sides have snow Tiger Leaping Gorge, on the left bank (west) of the Haba Snow Mountain, on the right bank (east) of the Yulong Snow Mountain, from the bottom to the top elevation of 3790 m. Tiger Leaping Gorge, a total length of 16 km, is divided into the tiger jumped, the tiger jumped the tiger jumped under three sections, a total of 18 rapids. Began in Jinsha River and its tributaries Shuo more post confluence, that bridge in the town of Zhongdian County area ; beyond a rural area of Yulong County. Tiger Leaping Gorge on both sides of the rock is composed of schist and marble, width of only 60-80 meters, the narrowest point of about 30 meters, the natural fall over 200 meters, fast-flowing. Tiger Leaping Gorge is world famous Grand Canyon, to the odd risk majestic known world.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic different seasons, spring and summer to play the best Tiger Leaping Gorge, moderate temperatures this time on the meadow flowers, scenery and charming. In the Mid-Autumn Festival is about more than 20 days after the time everywhere on the plateau Autumn, photo fans can choose two time periods on foot. Tiger Leaping Gorge on both sides of the Yulong Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, there is a very good scenery. Walking the high road vision is very good, you can shoot the Yulong thirteen peaks, Naxi, and so are the rest Tea Horse Inn enjoy a good shooting position Yulong Snow Mountain.

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