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Home >> Dawn Scenic Area tour information

Dawn Scenic Area

Dawn Scenic AreaDawn is Laojunshan scenic area tourism development starting area, with a high value resources and tourism resources, the 27th annual meeting of the United Nations heritage, the International Nature Union (IUCN) has a very high international prestige of July 2, 2003 Jim Dr. Sang Saier report on China in a statement, Three Parallel Rivers specifically mentioned in Three Rivers in China Danxia area --- the first Dawn of Lijiang, no doubt it is also a world-class. Lisu language called Dawn for Iraq Paloma Valley bottom purported ancestor of the giant valley, Lisu people have called here the sun's hometown.

Dawn scenery can always use God, show, odd, quiet, interesting to summarize. God refers to the landform like gods epiphany fetish left behind, but also like the Heavenly God ax sculpture, like the good fortune of a fantastic mix of natural world. Show means Dawn Danxia not dry bare, it is surrounded by endless Irene, surrounded constitutes a green leaves little red breathtaking views. As the weather changes, fog, sun, moon, clouds will give this piece of ethereal world to bring brilliant colors and elusive aura. Qi refers to three times a day sunset strange heavens. You refers to the stand, such as cutting ax Danxia cliff, countless mountain valley sophisticated distribution, density Valley luxuriant grass, gurgling streams, especially in the beautiful valley Dawn, towering trees, flowers everywhere, a pure spring sprang from the jungle, the formation of an increase Redhill Valley, lies to the ink. Fun is that Dawn had Lisu Lusheng touching love song, playing hop nation fiery, romantic and exciting Valentine's Day --- Arbor Day grand wide season and other colorful ethnic culture and customs, Lijiang trips rich colorful. However, interest earnings. Dawn of the United States, the United States and in the mountains, the United States in the cliff, the United States in the forest, the United States and in person, so we went into this magical land, to feel its scenery and magical.

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