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Home >> Bar Street tours and travel guide

Bar Street

Bar StreetIt is north of the ancient city of the north exit of large tankers, south Kogon Square Street Square, the transformation of the old one by a wooden seat, a seat connected simple Mu Banqiao, distributed along the river on both sides Xinhua jade. The whole street two main colors: red lanterns and black wood, small office also adorn some yellow corn, red pepper, sunflower dish, Zhu Caochuan, sun valley planes, broken hats, I am similar to what's old. Simple casual, rustic Zhizhuo. More than its name in Chinese, English, Lijiang Dongba carved wood made in three languages. To facilitate the antiphonal singing Shall River, has even split windows, and wait for them to turn on the eaves tile, get hold of a full open bar out naked. Simple candlelight shining long wooden table, with the jade river floating lanterns Wishing side by side. Drinking beer, you can binge, and minority waiter loudly across the antiphonal singing, you can sit quietly listening to street singer crooning, or strike up a conversation with the next table opposite sex in order to prepare for the next mixed with a familiar affair, the Old Town of Lijiang , few less than Bar Street, it is so very amazing.

Lijiang bar can be roughly divided into two categories, commonly known as downtown bar, a class exposed warm, noisy and lively, with a bar street as representatives; a class of low-key hidden, maverick, with large and small distributed throughout the fireplace in the ancient city of Lijiang bar and clear it represented. Lijiang Old Town Square Street Bar Street one attached, one end leading to the entrance of the ancient city of large tankers, is the most prosperous area of ??the ancient city, in the middle gurgling water, weeping willow, water quite well known on both sides of each bar is in Lijiang. Here is quiet during the day, water, fish, willow, streets, pedestrians in twos and threes, is entirely peaceful views of a pair of bridges people, cause it's hard to put such a noisy bar street name and it is linked. And when twilight everywhere, nightfall, it is another kind of scenery, lighting blurred, brocade lanterns and candlelight with shine, boiling music and crowds surging, nightlife no better than any city less. To Lijiang, Lijiang, but those have not been large and small bars, in a sense, Lijiang Old Town Lijiang Old Town Bar Street is one of the most distinctive landscape.

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