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Home >> Baisha Town travel guide and tours

Baisha Town

Baisha TownThis Naxi culture retained the most complete of the town, is also the birthplace of Wood 's family. In the Tang Dynasty, Nanzhao Wang Feng Yulong Snow Mountain is " Beiyue " when the wood 's ancestors began to built here Baisha Street and North Yuemiao. In the Song era, is the most prosperous prosperous white sand, when the then town of Lijiang Baisha commercial, political and cultural center, until the Ming Dynasty wooden Dayan 's family moved to the town after the white sands of the political, economic function begins loss, gradually replaced by Dayan Ancient Town, and white sand turned into the garden. We are fortunate to meet first surprise was sewing clothes for the wood 's family the seventh generation descendant. Now, this man runs a clothing store, the store has more than a few pieces of exquisite embroideries, his grandma. He told us that his grandmother will be more than one hundred kinds of embroidery, but to him it will only know a dozen generations, and, nowadays than in the past nor the color of natural plant extracts to say we are all elegant... Grandma's good to buy a collection of fabrics. When we appropriation embroideries contemplating holding back the entire frame to be to go to the Museum of Fine Arts decorate them carefully, but also hit a deep feeling will tell the story of the man.

Comfortable everywhere on the town may see Naxi man. How much bother to take their picture to share freely, which also has been reluctant to shoot portraits reasons, unless hit particularly happy to... This time, we ran into an old man so she invited us to warm she guest house. Her home base is after renovation, we can only vaguely recognize from some corners of the Naxi legacy, Lijiang tour thinking back to when aiming the camera cite this did not shoot anything that 's really because they are not intellectuals ah.

Baisha Jie Liangbian increasingly sophisticated shop together at this time when we are talking about how long to retain Shaorenwenjin, suddenly found previously been unsuccessful Shuhe find that home handmade jewelry shop vividly before us. Simply, the excitement seems to be that we threw at the front desk... the owner not only runs the original handmade jewelry, while the rent down the backyard also be ready to open a water bar. Backyard excellent view, snow-capped mountains under the blue sky that is looked up, the room design is like every place has its gaze.

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