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Home >> Yunnan Nationalities Village travel information and tour

Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Nationalities VillageYunnan Nationalities Village in Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort, located in the southern district of Kunming, backed Xishan Forest Park, near Plateau Pearl Lake, 10 km away from the city. Yunnan minority culture and customs, architecture, music and dance, religion, concentrating on lake among the living environment, financial steep hill Silk, exquisite scenery and rare among plants in landscaping. Yunnan Nationalities Village is a group of the main gate and elegant styling splendid, magnificent steel frame architecture. First door hanging " Yunnan Nationalities Village " five forceful Emotion gilt characters, the center is a golden peacock wings and soar graphic logo, a symbol of Yunnan Nationalities Village auspicious happiness and prosperity of our future. The gate is wide and flat flow distribution plaza, the following is a set of lawn lifelike form. Group of lovely white elephant sculpture, called " white elephant welcome." Yunnan Nationalities Village area within the ecotone, fresh and elegant, each village attractions patchwork style welcome another. There have shade trails, pavilions cloister, arch stone Xiangxian phase, and with the Dianchi Lake Shore Drive, both through. Cruise line, turn the water back to the road, and suddenly fascinating. Surrounding natural landscape and unique natural adjustment, making ethnic village squid constantly, Yunnan tour package Four Seasons Fun, every moment, every quarter, have their own moving scenery.

Yunnan Nationalities Village Dianchi National Tourist Resort as an important component of a blend of Yunnan nationalities outstanding cultural attractions and natural landscape, is a reflection of the national society and demonstrate frontier life of the window, to the beautiful Spring City has added another cause memorable tourist attractions. Recently, for the development of tourism, has built a Yunnan Nationalities Village and Yunnan Nationalities Village Museum. The main set of Yunnan Yi, Bai, Dai, Miao, Jingpo, Wa, Hani, Naxi, Lisu, Dulong and other 26 ethnic villages, ethnic dance hall, Place de la Nation and laser fountain, water curtain movie and other tourist facilities. Ethnic villages using recovery display which showcase Yunnan ethnic customs. I saw different styles into the village during the distribution of ethnic villages, patchwork, each show grace, all minority colorful cottage construction, manufacturing, life, religious practices are faithfully displayed, Yunnan is a microcosm of the national culture. Yunnan Nationalities Village area built shapes minority residential building, with colorful dress and have fun Wedding etiquette, there are colorful ethnic festivals, music and dance with graceful humor, both Expo, recreational, vacation, catering services and other integrated facilities. I met up after entering the Park Guiyang come, just graduated from college, communication is very speculative, it Jiebantongyou Yunnan Nationalities Village. This tour harvest is great, because I am in Guizhou and Yunnan and Guangxi three trips planned book presentation, the major tourist experience two aspects, the first is the landscape, and the second is to get along with 10 ethnic minorities, and a photo, this is done ah.

Ethnic dishes: Yi : Jizi kanbar, fried milk cake, fried grasshoppers, roasted pork ; Bai : Rushan cold chicken, Dali fish casserole, fish paste Rushan volumes, phoenix feather acid liver, loach drill tofu ; Dai : Cattle Caesar written, lemongrass chicken, cloves roast leg of lamb, sour cake dishes ; Naxi : stuffed mushrooms, pipa pigs, wind liver ; Hani : fried bamboo worms, gray cover kanbar, bamboo chicken, snapper custard, etc.

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