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Home >> Jiuxiang Scenic Area trip information

Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Scenic AreaScenic Area is located in Yiliang County, Yunnan Province Jiuxiang Jiuxiang Yi Hui Township, 40 km from Yiliang City, more than 20 kilometers away from the Lunan Stone Forest, 90 km from the provincial capital Kunming. Jiuxiang is a Scenic Area landscape as the main cave, on the outside scenery, landscape, ethnic customs as an integrated scenic area. Block has hundreds of large and small caves, is the largest, the largest number of the most peculiar cave cave landscape community system is a unique international tourist karst geological park. Jiuxiang cave from six hundred million years ago, ancient mass dolomite, the total size of the cave hundreds of seats, known as the Cave of the township. Folk saying goes: Jiuxiang cave nine, count them cave white head, is evident.

Kunming tour to Jiuxiang Scenic Area resort consists of five components: stack Hongqiao area, tripod hole area, large sand bar area, A Long Road and Moon Lake Scenic Area (ie Chaishitan reservoir). Which have been opened in the scenic Hongqiao stack, the other four being developed scenic tour construction. Hongqiao stacked nine scenic landscape field, focus on the wheat fields along the river canyon that Yin Chui Gap, Gap Cry, Lions Hall, Goddess Temple, male and waterfalls, Kanda, tree-lined village, underground down Shilin (Bat Cave), nine rural tourism cableway.

Sightseeing elevator ride down to the gorge after queuing emerald shade boat trip about 20 minutes, then began to walk, has to watch the Lions Hall, Goddess Temple, Wolong hole, Kanda, a time tunnel and other attractions. Here is a good place to photographers formations, colored lighting is in place.

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