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Home >> Golden Temple tour guide of Kunming

Golden Temple

Golden TempleGolden Temple scenic area is located in the eastern suburb of Kunming City, it at the foot of the mountain, 8 kilometers away from the urban area. A part of this glorious palace belongs to Tai Temple, the total weight of 250 tons, Yan Fei Ge wood structure square building, hall 6.7 meters high, wide, 6.2 meters deep, including beams Dougong, corrugated roof eaves, statues, mantle, table, bottle opener, plaque Ying flags are used in copper cast.

Jin Dianzi Chen Yongbin Ren Yin (1602) years of Wanli Ding Jian, has been 380 years; Wu Sangui reconstruction has been 210 years. It is the the Summer Palace of Beijing Mt. Wanshou Palace intact; than Hubei Wudang Mountains palace is large in scale, is China's largest copper casting house.

Palace was built in the early Ming dynasty. Taihe palace and Andy Chen Yongbin modeled in Hubei County of Wudang Mountains Tianzhu peak, add change slightly built. In the late Ming dynasty ruled Yunnan Mu do all kinds of evil, repeated court punish, family fortune declines. However, he find the root not from their own, and to seek relief from superstition. The letter: parrot hill in the East, hill stands on the copper temple, "copper is belong to western, wood", so that the inspector Zhang Fenghe, Kunming tour to Golden Temple copper temple in shipping to the existing Mingfeng mountain Jizu mountain, the mirage, is at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Wu Sanjia reconstruction. "Qing Kangxi ten years still keep the beams, the year of Xin Hai, Lu month, ten door Kyrgyzstan, as Prince Wu Sangui to build" and other words.

Walking from the foot of the home car, a welcome Xianqiao, "Ming-feng Shengjing" square, "the first day," approach "two days" and "three days". Climbing on the gate, the simple decency "Taihe" gate. Lian Yun: "Dong Lian, only accounts for the Castle Peak three acres; Zhu Lou Ying-day, don't open the wizard of a heavy day". Into the gate of the temple, after a lattice door, visible stand as firm as a rock hit brick city, long about ten Zhang, a little like the forbidden city. To step into the "city", on the steps of the high, is the center of the famous architectural Taihe palace, the palace.

Palace was built in the early Ming Wanli thirty years (1602), by the Yunnan provincial governor Chen Yongbin modeled on the construction of Hubei Wudang Mountains Tianzhu peak Tai Temple and palace style of worship Zhenwu Tati, the Arctic, built around the brick wall protection, a tower, the palace and other buildings, called Taihe palace. Chongzhen ten years (1637), by the governor Zhang Fengshan will Tongdian shipping to Binchuan Jizu mountain. The existing temple Qing emperor Kangxi ten years (1671) reconstruction is king Wu Sangui.

Palace Square, side length of 6.15 meters, 6.7 meters high, all beams, brackets, doors and windows, roof, credence, statues, curtain, horizontal inscribed board, couplet and mantle around the pavilion and the flagpole base, seven star flag, wood components are made of bronze or forging. The total weight of about 200 tons. The whole building carving delicate, well-proportioned, beautiful shape, and extremely fine realistic imitation of classical architecture style chongyanxieshan timber. The house edge around the base of marble steps, lean on a railing, Yulu, floor are marble temple in Ming Dynasty; and the planting of two strains of Camellia, crape myrtle tree.

Andy experienced hundreds of years of groundless talk, have mottled ancient state, but Beijing longevity hill the Summer Palace palace intact, than the Wudang Mountains palace is large in scale, is China's largest and most complete existing copper casting house. The molding and decoration technology and Yunnan Qing Dynasty wooden structure construction of Yunnan province since the Ming and Qing Dynasties metallurgy, provides important materials.

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