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Home >> Dongchuan Red Land travel information of Kunming
Dongchuan Red Land Land

Dongchuan Red Land LandDuring the National Day to Dongchuan, Yunnan, enjoy photography Resorts Red Land - earth as a huge color palette, outside the meantime, colorful, flowing lines and a pleasure to watch. September to December each year, part red the land turned root pending kinds, and the other part has been planted and green of highland barley or wheat and other crops, and constitute the spectacular views of the Red Land. Go two days the weather was not very good, did not see the sun, the photography, but the thing that catches your eye beauty is still amazing, the suspect is uncanny workmanship.

Due to the weather, Kunming tours to Dongchuan Red Land Land is more important to photography and poor shot out of the film is unsatisfactory, please understand.

Note Dongchuan Red Land shooting the best time is from late November to early December. The scenic Red Land does not charge entrance fees scenery than a hundred kilometers on the road, the roadside opened a lot of farmers photography reception point, food, accommodation, also provides vehicle (chartered 200 per day) must be chartered travel attractions scattered and distant from. The main attractions are screws Bay, colorful slope, Luoxia ditch, Lepu concave, Fairview Park, Moon Tin normal circumstances, the mere tour day can basically see everything, but for the Photographer for luck, God to take care of those three days to meet the need. Kunming Dongchuan area of 165 km. Business taste a little here, have to buy basic necessities shop on the roadside, very kind, cheating phenomenon is not like some of the popular attractions, Dongchuan Red Land can keep that clean share honest.

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