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Home >> Dianchi Lake travel guide and tour

Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake"Dawn like veil floated whisk in Dianchi Lake, the Xishan Longmen reflected in the central water with a girl in a dream sporadic." Window came an old song melody, wake up from a dream to me, remind me Dianchi thoughts come, I suddenly felt Why not, go ! Look Dianchi go.

Dianchi spring breeze blowing gently. Cherry romantic road on both sides, the Dianchi Lake dressed exceptionally beautiful. Sparkling lake, where plants plump enjoy blooming flowers, an almost certain Dianchi Spring has arrived. I especially like the sweet water lily pond, opened a veritable blue fairy, bud, like cradle sleeping baby, is doing wonderful dream, a Chinese dream.

Summer Dianchi crowded. People often come here to enjoy the shade, and even foreign people come here like cool, cool day over a few days. Children prefer to come here, they not only can watch Dianchi meandering scenery, you can also barbecue, a real treat. Those young people about to enter the wedding hall is in love with the romance of Dianchi Lake, always like to choose the wedding photography here, in order to freeze their hearts Dianchi complex moments.

Dianchi sunny autumn. Morning, as the " Dianchi Lake Waltz " to sing as dawn blowing gently pull a soft, graceful in the morning, there are some poems Xu " Saying " in kind " quietly I take my leave As quietly as I to come "flavor. Birds in trees was going to sleep, just open your eyes you can embrace a newborn sun. Evening, sunset, twilight scattered in the water, like gold, such as silver, for the Dianchi children bring much wealth ?

Dong Dianchi Lake is the people's favorite. Every winter, black-headed gulls into Dianchi tourism a postcard with seagulls day, Dianchi Lake will not be lonely. Either of these lovely angel flying in the air ; either in the water circling ; whispering or three thousand three hundred twenty-two sat together, talked about the gain and loss of life. Whether chasing waves, or enjoy the warm sun, they are a rare winter Kunming Smart landscape.

Kunming tour to Dali Dianchi Lake with its spring picturesque Dianchi seasons, poem, cantabile ; favorite people Dianchi Lake is the world 's greatest painters, poets, singers ; hear their footsteps and the Dianchi Lake Dianchi go forward waves to !

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