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DaguanlouAlso known as Pu Daguanlou near Kunming in the southwest of Kunming Dianchi verge of seagrass North Sea. Tongzhi years (1866) Pink Dragon Reconstruction Daguanlou mind set: Kun Yuan mountainous and less water, so called giant dip Dianchi Yan, Mae pools have a pump, said near Wah, near Ottawa and its name. Near Hua Pu when to open up, the Ming and Qing Guzu Yu, read the history of geography, Yunnan Minutes set: West Lake in Tainan West, namely upstream also Dianchi, also called the plot wave pool, vulgar saying seagrass child, and Said Qingcaohu Friday, the Po algae evergreen for travel tours of wins, Mr. Wan Kuiyi in the Old Town Kunming Supplements a book that: the ancient names of Yunnan, Yunnan Tainan (Kunming) also has a lake, Ming Dynasty Annals of Yunnan, reads: West at (Yunnan) House rule the West, on Thursday, the upper class that Dianchi Lake, Evergreen Po algae, many people rafting, vulgar call for seagrass child has Qian country pond, plaque. Shuiyun said township. confirmed the shore near Hua Pu, also known as Lake of seagrass in the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty hereditary Qian Mu's national companies have been built in this village pond water clouds.

Kunming tours to Daguanlou, Chung Moon, after the completion of Sea Ranch Church, outside the dike built around Tim, clip kinds Tao Liu, dotted hills landscape, rhyme from an expert who, win the election board had no imaginary day, then into the provincial capital of the first spots feast lake dignitaries, writers and poets CASTLE Gough. Twenty-five years of Qing Emperor Qianlong Scholars, Lin'an prefect Wang Wenzhi in Autumn boating near Hua Pu, the poem says:. Yi-kai poems Prefecture, high Feast peer Sizhu consistent Abas, strange chapter in the Rose. Chant near Hua Pu poetry, some depicting sights, some whitewash peace and prosperity, and some praises, nothing more Yinfengnongyue, grief of parting. Commoner Poor Scholar beard Weng Sun, sweeping away singing vulgar, swing on the 180 word length associated shock. The Union wrote Deng Kunming Daguanlou Chenghuai, saw 500 in Dianchi Lake, the scenery all around, the second line to express the Yunnan thousands of years past, the great emotion, scenes, neat antithesis, the daring, ambitious. Daoguangnianjian Wuhuawuzi Dai Jiong Sun in the evaluation of long-linked muddy Hao circulation, to stacking of the track, in fact, only to see. Since the advent of long-Union, known as the home of the first Union, domestic Talak good person first. Talak Script writing inscribed by the Kunmingmingshi Lushu Tang. Existing land book inscription rubbings Union. Jiaqing years, winding road Song Xiang write a couplet Western Union: Chiaki embrace three glasses of wine; Miles Yunshan monohydrate floor. Fourteen words together high-level overview of the associated long beard Weng. United advent of long beard Weng Sun, Kunming Daguanlou among the Chinese famous building.

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