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Home >> World Butterfly Ecological Park travel guide and tour

World Butterfly Ecological Park

World Butterfly Ecological ParkButterfly World Butterfly Ecological Park is a major theme of ecological theme park, located in the Xishan District, Kunming tours, Yunnan black buckwheat mother Biji town village, where honest, beautiful environment, fresh air, natural no dirt, the forest coverage rate to 98%. Negative oxygen ions up to 20000 / cm3 or more.

Is a group travel, tourism, vacation, leisure, entertainment, education and youth branch butterfly breeding, ornamental, processing, scientific research as one of the major eco-tourism park. Not only because of its rare Cape youth education base and Butterfly film base, still the world's largest butterfly species, the size of the highest level, the largest number of supply, process manufacturing the finest and most ecological resources of a world-class scenery large park. Take time to bring the mood, relax, relieve breathing, leave downtown Kunming, we travel together. Departure as long as 30 minutes to come to this modern romantic hideaway from Kunming - World Butterfly Ecological Park.

World Butterfly Ecological Park has three wonders: Live Butterfly Garden, seasons, love regardless of the season, Fall in love with the beauty and freedom, they crush the butterfly garden. Kingdom of the Little People: King wearing a red robe in the evening after reviewing his troops, accustomed to the applause of all subjects jumped a Michael Jackson dance. This is the world's largest dwarf kingdom, where every minute they are swayed waist courageous story of their joy. Wild spatiotemporal Square: original space, the silence of all things, life here has been recovering, soul here free. Here is the original mystery embodied, is on the secret life course.

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