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Home >> Alu Ancient Cave tourist guide

Alu Ancient Cave

Alu Ancient CaveLuxi County, Honghe Prefecture, located in the northeast, is located between the southern tip of the mountains and Yuan prison Wumeng northernmost mountain range, the highest elevation of 2459 m, the lowest elevation of 799 meters, convenient transportation, good weather, a good place for tourism and leisure.

Luxi beautiful mountains and rivers, is a karst and karst underground river, lake, waterfall fountain, natural landscape as the main ancient culture, unique ethnic customs, supplemented by karst caves. She has a magnificent and beautiful karst caves, beautiful Nanpanjiang advantageous, picturesque lakes and mountains, waterfalls and varied chic, quiet passionate springs, scenic center as " Yunnan first hole." Strange landscape, elegant surroundings, splendid facilities, quality service, has a scale tourist city, deeply attracted domestic and overseas tourists.

Alu Ancient Cave Kunming tour is located more than 160 kilometers of territory in Luxi County, is a group of typical karst underground karst caves, is a country with ancient magic Jiufeng 18-hole underground Dong Fu. Xu Ming Dynasty famous traveler had ecstatic here, twice the hole inspection, leaving a " source of water Lu Chung at points, Lu source of caverns in the cliff " famous.

Alu Ancient Cave called Lu source Cave, is a large-scale karst caves, it is sung, one of thirty-seven pretty Department of Yunnan Yuan " A Cottage department " burrowing point, it is also a result of the name to. Its main cave by the Lu source Cave, Yuzhu Cave, jasper cave, Yu-Sun River composition, three -hole total length of three thousand meters of a river, Dong Jing has ancient, odd, peculiar characteristics, on the outside with springs, cave there are holes, the holes one day, the next hole and rivers, as well as a variety of stalagmites, stalactites, stone pillars, stone Man, stone sickles, stone waterfall, stone flower...... so wonderful, everything ; and a variety of day made ??"male Lions roar "," gulian hung upside down "," dragon drama waterfall "," three as Chi original ", " ancient turtle Moon, " " Crocodile volley "," rhinoceros sea ", " natural mural "," king troops " " Atlas Yuzhu," " Kowloon sea ", " a small jump on " and so lifelike image, to show the vitality of nature fun.

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