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Home >> Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow MountainThe mountain has four seasons, landscape very different "spring ice, winter snows, fry, Autumn is the attraction of the Jiaozi Snow Mountain of the Four Seasons. Summer season, the mountain streams plunging, Manshan flowers flourish; spring and winter, when snow and ice cover, snow or Manshan showing a silver world. Plus the mountain peaks steep and majestic cliffs, therefore, the Jiaozi Snow Mountain to enjoy the reputation of the central Yunnan Mountain ".

Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Kunming, Yunnan Province, the the Luquan county northeast corner Wumeng Township, belonging to the the Wumeng mountain arch king of mountains Mountains, the highest elevation of 4247 m san body like a sedan chair, named after the Tang Dynasty King Dali Nanzhao seal this mountain "Le Benny White, the first group of Yue. Jiaozi Snow Mountain pillar Chihiro, the relative height difference of 3400 m above the formation of cold, warm, hot three-dimensional climate, geological landscape has a high ornamental and scientific value, rich animal and plant resources. Winter snow cover, snow-capped mountains, from the Yunnan provincial capital Kunming recently a great potential for development, with its unique natural landscape has attracted an increasing number of mountain tourism lovers, the main scenic set mu cuckoo flowers, mountains Tianchi colorful waterfall, chair Buddha.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain peaks and cliffs steep majestic waterfalls dotted the vast primeval forest, such as sea, lakes, luminous mystery, exotic flowers and trees compete embraced exotic animals can be seen from time to time, is a dimond to find the odd adventure tourist destination, Kunming packaged tours is from Kunming the nearest snow-capped mountains. Jiaozi Snow Mountain as the southernmost tip of the glacier movement in the fourth quarter of low-latitude regions a rare southern snow and imposing, large-scale waterfalls (ice) cloth communities; scientific value higher glaciers and karst landscape; have magical the Buddha, magnificent sunset, the vagaries of Yunshan amid the fog.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain, rare protected plants, birds, all kinds of insects, abundant flowers and herbs, a wide variety of alpine herbs, known as the "central Yunnan animal plant gene pool. National second-class protected plants stemmed long bract fir nearly 4 acres of "natural oxygen bar", only an original fir of central Yunnan Province, known as the "Green Pearl".

Summer season, the sedan chair, snow-capped mountains mountain streams plunging, Manshan the azaleas contests. Its risk it, at once this is not easy, down the difficulties can be described as wins breathtaking; its the odd rocks, winding, frozen waterfalls and stone Competing seized with curiosity; their show, the vast sea of ??clouds, thin Margaret misty, as if the Fantasy curl; its the quiet, "Heavenly Lake", and insects, fish, birds, long-lost deserted to the harmonic coexistence of the other poetic. Ice and Snow World, primeval forests, natural babbling, azalea flowers, here, showing a different kind of wind-induced, and an extra spice. Winter, the frozen lake, Yukino, snow, ice falls and fog pine hanging reveals a beautiful, magnificent in, with the South "the unique charm of the scenery of the North.

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