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Home >> Zhang Family Garden tour information

Zhang Family Garden

Zhang Family GardenChang Garden is located in the construction of water 13 kilometers west of Mission Village. Chang Garden is located in northeastern edge of the village, built in the Qing dynasty, thirty-one in 1905, covers an area of ??3495 square meters, construction area of 2950 square meters, houses the basic layout for the construction of traditional houses in water ¡¤ Tetraena five yards, "the planar form, vertical and horizontal parallel townhouses combined into two groups of three into the courtyard and garden shrine with a total of 119 houses, size patio 21, composed of a castle -style private residential estate, Mission Village is the largest group of ancient buildings but brilliant private houses, but also the construction of water behind Zhu Garden 's second largest manor.

Zhang Fang carved eaves garden atrium stenciling birds, fish and insects, beasts and characters ; lintel painted with tempera, windows trimmed with a variety of patterns engraved, and ask local calligrapher outside the house wall inscribed Tang, Song, Kunming tour to Jianshui Zhang Family Garden painter painted bamboo, chrysanthemum, plum and landscapes painting works. Really icing on the cake. Gorgeous elegant calligraphy and painting works of art decorate the house wall, Peng Piper thespians, showing the style luxurious atmosphere. We enjoy roaming around the house carving and calligraphy works, though already obsolete or damaged, but they were superior. Gallery Ha corridor in the hospital surrounded by two layers Mulou residential houses, roof Tongwa. Feet inlaid carved brick wall, house windows and doors applied with exquisite openwork pattern of flowers and birds. Patio built a flower bed, stone cylinder. The backyard is "cursory corner floor", ie two rows of horizontal straight Mulou connected to form a right angle. Corridor corridor through the room for a building within the ancestral tablets. Door to the left of the garden, about two meters high on the pedestal, on both sides there are houses on stilts repair, below there is a large square building ponds, pond stone fence erected several square pillars spaced equidistant pull solid splice. Top chiseled into stone -shaped or round ding, some carved lion, tiger animal shapes. On the platform opposite the middle of a stone fence sides engraved with " lively splash ", "lively secret" pearls inscription. It is said that the courtyard is filled with a variety of rare flowers and trees original, housing many doors and windows, there is " one hundred kinds of flowers, one hundred carved doors and windows," said. Construct their houses elegant, grand and ornate luxury, after Zhu Garden.

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