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Home >> Tuanshan Village travel guide

Tuanshan Village

Tuanshan VillageConstruction of water can be summed up in the ancient city scenery a group of words to describe: a hole, a village, a bridge, a hospital, a temple, a, a hole is Yanzidong, building water area of fame is no doubt that the first card Yanzidong, and a village is the Mission Hill Village, a bridge outside the village is the Mission Hill Ssangyong bridge, a hospital is the ancient city of Zhu courtyard, a temple is the ancient city of Temple, one is known as a small Tiananmen ChaoYangMen.

Mission Village history has been 600 years. Well-preserved ancient buildings have 26 houses, and the Chinese-style traditional courtyard -style buildings, Yi earth room combination, known as " intact 19th-century features and characteristics of the original ecological village." Typical significance of which a total of seven ancient buildings, namely the East Village gate, north Zhaimen, South Village gate, the temple, under the Temple, Mahayana Temple and Cheung Ancestral Hall. Another general government, imperial government, government scholar, Paul Pathom, Yunnan tours to Jianshui Tuanshan Village soil palm house is Diannan residential representative.

Mission Village is to look into the mud wall, which is paint the walls with mud brick outside, she said large house is water walls, facades general people are mud paste. Mission Village is to see the mud to the wall to go, so this aroused great interest, would not want to see a lot of tourists village, they said we Jiangnan village there? Show for each one, and I think also, but for how much should be around Huangshan village ah, my favorite is the next to Lu Hongcun Village, not developed completely original, where it is making me a tour of foot foot long time, now I see Yunnan village, I am also interested in dull, but to always look, so the car has come to a Mission Village, we rushed to the village to play it.

Mission Village building lot, the most famous is the garden that Chang Cheung Ancestral Hall, built on behalf of the Qianlong period, covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, the Department Zhang private shrine. According to research from the Jiangxi Zhang's family moved to an estimated one vote is doing well in business, and then follow the habits of our ancestors must purchase farmland construction eternal inheritance of the family property, and then the rich, but three generations, and their descendants gradually come down, even if it also a little silver is also the war is gone, but now, Chang garden This shrine protected good, basic layout for the construction of housing water five traditional houses in the courtyard patio layout of forms, vertical and horizontal parallel townhouses combined into two groups Three and ancestral shrine main hall of the temple courtyard existing building has a hatchback, separated by some gardens, hall of Danyanxieshan five Tan hard mountain carrying beam construction, the entire courtyard is a group of large-scale, architectural quality is better, save more complete residential buildings. Courtyard architectural modeling beautiful of the whole sheets, brackets are eaves, corner warped, curved roof with anti- lift off was streamlined, carving delicate lattice windows fan, antique, shop, column bases, window under the dam walls, doors stack and Zhaobi very distinctive.

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