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Home >> Swallow Cave tour guide

Swallow Cave

Swallow CaveJianshui Swallow Cave is located 20 kilometers east of Luzhou river valley. Cave of two layers: a huge hole, the opening of an already collapsing sinkholes, cave -like interior of hall, cave clusters stand stalagmites, columns, stalactites and so on. Inside the original three-storey pavilion, between the floor of a hallway and over the tree, called a stone worn on the third floor, after the destruction ; next hole high Shiyu Zhang, intensive roof stalactites, Shanghai River flows into the river long dark cave seventy-eight km. Inside the light and dark, and there are many swallows habitat, named Swallow Cave.

Outside the cave and more peach trees are in full bloom in spring open for cave enriched. Hole- clear and cool in summer fitness ; winter the heating overflowing, is also a major feature of Swallow Cave. After the dam was built Shanghai River outflow into the limestone mountain, and when the river is now hidden, form a large underground caverns, river and surface river alternately phenomenon.

Yanzidong ancient cave wonders, Chunyan gathered stalactite hanging plaque, mining and other unique landscape nest stunt known to the world. Old trees outside the cave in the cliffs between cliffs, over 30,000 square meters of natural woodlands, leafy, dozens of birds perched.

During the annual spring and summer, the group Yanfei come, as thousand arrows shot, hundreds of thousands of swallows come and go during the sound of voices whisper, swallow the sound and the sound of water in the cave resonance, merged into the valley of the cave song symphony of sonic booms. Yunnan Jianshui tour to Swallow nests in holes into rich, nourishing beauty of the treasures.

August 8 every year for the construction of water nest Festival, local farmers unarmed climb on more than 50 meters high, 450 meters long roof, stalactite leaves collected in the nest, thrilling scenes thrilling. Swallow Cave are conducted every day now unarmed climbing performance, without any insurance policy, thanks to hands and feet.

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