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Home >> South Creek River Drifting travel guide and tours

South Creek River Drifting

South Creek River DriftingScenic River rafting tours throughout thirty-two km. Chinese famous film Mountain Wreath is in this scenic shot. From the drift from the Cowboy Beach, along the South River Scenic Area and the next, on the way over forty rapids, rapids six, to the mouth of the county and Vietnam Bridge ashore. South River rafting rapids, the two sides have the original sub-tropical jungle scenery, shore bamboo trees, mountains a Dailv and confrontation mountains, rolling along the river rocks everywhere, trees blotting out the sun, the ancient Tang climbing vine branches mural shore, the river suddenly narrow width suddenly, suddenly the Kunming tours suddenly straight song scene, the river suddenly anxious suddenly slow, visitors can put on a life jacket to swim the river, the river also play playing sitting in the boat splashing each other in the drift, but also to the beach to play, taking pictures.

During drifting near misses, fun. Is adventure, adventures, good place Shiqu of. Meanwhile, one can enjoy the two countries drifting style. Departure by car from the estuary town inverse South River and on to South Stream Farm 16 teams starting point drift. River rafting entire 32 km south about 4-6 hours, with typical characteristics of tropical rainforest rocky mountain, river drop 53 meters, more than 40 rapids, rapids 6, both sides of the edge of a tropical forest sandy, tropical monsoon forest and limestone large rubber plantation, banana forest side by side, forming a beautiful landscape corridors.

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