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Home >> Lingyun Ge travel guide and tours

Lingyun Ge

Lingyun GeRed River Lingyun Ge old road leading to Baohuashan, street stands a gate was built in 1921 in the House. There are three gates floor, modeling simple, crisp, taut momentum north side of the second floor of the upturned eaves hanging Lingyun Ge the three characters, but the underlying north and south sides of the doorway lintel carved stone arch was Baohua gate , a gate, and marked with two names, the history of this building is rare in our country. Building on this gate, the people are accustomed to call it old Baohua door, because it is the only way leading to Baohuashan, and old intellectuals but Lingyun Ge like to call it, this is because Lingyun Court more cultural flavor, more ancient taste, but also more elegant wealth.

Lingyun Ge was square shape, Shanding three-storeyed wood and stone structure, about 14 meters high, 10 meters side length, 6.6 meters wide, covers an area of 103 square meters, above the second floor is a wooden structure. Lingyun Ge is the modern antique buildings, but more complete reflects the architectural style of the late Qing Dynasty and the plastic arts, eaves brackets, corners warped; fine carving, painting realistic. Pavilion four weeks by carved wooden lattice door window frames composed. Second floor, north gate eaves hanging Lingyun Ge three words plaque and couplets, Yunnan trip is the name of the late Qing Dynasty calligrapher chenrongchang works. Plaque for running script, regular script couplets change body, the Alliance is written, pillar of support days Lu Yan flutter, the second line is the first stars Yunshan House palpable chest vigorous brushwork simple, cautious male wantonly. Pavilion total of three layers, the underlying material into the whole stone, nearly one meter thick and very sturdy, the doorway is a stone into arches.

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