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Home >> Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake

Dali Ancient City"Snow in Cangshan" Turquoise Blue Bay Bai girl hairpin, and not in Dali beautiful hair, is so quiet, spirituality. If there is no love Erhai" romantic themes," Dali will lose a lot of charm.

Ancient Erhai called "Ye Yushui", also called" Xi Erhe"," Kun "plain ", because the lake resembles the shape of a human ear, named Erhai. Erhai is second only to Dianchi's second largest lake in Yunnan, North Eryuan county south of Jiang Weixiang, ending the Dali Shimonoseki,1972 meters above sea level,41.5 km long from north to south, an area of about 251 square kilometers, Dali" romantic themes" four king" Erhai " is one of. Look down from the air, Erhai is like a new moon, quietly to lie in Cangshan and Dali between the dam. Yunnan Dali tours to Erhai Lake Erhai has a total of 3Island,4,5,9 - Delta lake, are fault collapse lake, lake clear, high transparency, since ancient times has been called" the hills flawless jade". The legend at the bottom of the sea the growth of a gigantic jade cabbage, this lake is blue Yingying, a drop from the jade cabbage heart Qin pouring out liquid. Erhai is the symbol of Dali City, Erhai eight is to attract numerous men of literature and writing, Erhai has added a bit of humanity.

Erhai scenery, four when changing, colorful. Early in the morning, a light mist cage, the confused, lakeshore boundless, for the sun rising in the East, pierce the veil, showing beautiful face; Tequila Sunrise, sunrise as the fishing boat to sail, Jin Bo. Sundowners wrong, Yu Xia Yee, is dim disembarks, evening singing. Moonlight shadow, water static wind light, light, the light of tao. " Erhai moon", become Dali" Guan wind, flowers, snow, Cangshan Shimonoseki Erhai month" four wonders of. More surprising is, due to clearance on the wind is very big, will Xi Erhe wave blow back, is originally from Xi Erhe out of Erhai, and looks like Xi Erhe into Erhai, is very interesting.

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