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Home >> Wanding Crossings travel guide and tour

Wanding Crossings

Wanding CrossingsRuili Wanding Economic Development Zone is one of the national port in Yunnan Province, located in the southern Dehong, with neighboring Myanmar Kutani town center nearby, across the river. Wanting word Dai speech translation system, which means place where the sun when the roof. Ruili Wanding crossings total population 20,000 people, the land area of 95.34 square kilometers, the urban population of only five thousand people, is one of China 's smallest city.

Wanting Before World War II, was a little-known small stockade. During World War II, the Japanese army blocked all Chinese sea lanes, the base camp and material distribution center in the United States and Britain became allies Wanding, and hundreds of thousands of Chinese anti-Japanese expeditionary force also out of the country from here. Wanting Kutani Myanmar border town has freedom of movement, the friendly frontier history.

Some Yunnan tours of Southeast Asian businessmen gathered Wanting to make Wanding into the United States, Japan, France, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, cosmetics, jewelry, handicrafts, agricultural products, jewelery, jade material distribution center, the street is bustling border. Wanting south of the junction of the river on the China-Burma is famous for the two border bridges ©¤ ©¤ Wanding bridge. From Mans to Wanding, there are dozens of classes each day bus ride for tourists, better road conditions, very beautiful scenery along the way.

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