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Home >> Mengbanaxi Treasures Landscaped Area tour information

Mengbanaxi Treasures Landscaped Area

Mengbanaxi Treasures Landscaped AreaMengbanaxi rare Luxi City, Dehong Park is located southeast of the city, is a national AAAA level scenic spots, gardens dotted with bird's nest fern, staghorn fern, lotus fern, crown fern, Dendrobium, pleiones Vanda, ground tortoise, desert roses and other rare plants and exotic plants, as well as more than a thousand pots of ginseng ficus, Podocarpus, crape myrtle, bougainvillea, Brazil iron, boxwood, hornbeam, elm piles King, variety, assortment.

Cross stood erect and hundreds of different sizes and shapes of tree fossil million years, 200 million years jade tree and grotesque rocks, water, stones, gall stones, jade, jade, ancient wan if they enter a magical world. Collection of the museum, displaying more than 200 kinds of stones from home and abroad, fossils and large root, boutique atmosphere, exotic rare. Both for ornamental treasures, but also a lively classroom of teenagers geological and paleontological knowledge of science education. Mengbanaxi Park is a rare set of ancient, magical, natural, elegant, brilliant in one large ecological garden area, rich in cultural, scientific connotation, but also a treasure trove of plant genes Southwest homeland, called the Chinese gardens wonderful, China tours to Yunnan Landscape is a must. The sheer number of centuries-old trees ( more than 500 lines ), specifications much most of the country. Tree fossils, jade tree as much as the quantity and quality ( more than 1,000 tons ), the highest in the country greatly scale, rare in the world. Carved much larger number, odd shapes, size of the country 's most greatly. The number of large ( old ) tree transplanted many ( more than 500 lines ), high survival rate (96% ) was highest in the country, a Chinese garden history records.

National Park has a rare exotic flowers and stones boutique : Millennium osmanthus, Millennium crape myrtle, the Millennium boxwood, six hundred banyan, frangipani five hundred years, three hundred Bougainvillea. 2.6 meters high and weighs more than four tons of jade tree ; 4 meters high and 1 meter in diameter tree fossils. Length 5.3 m, 3,000 years old yew Root long table ; 4 meters high, the Millennium black ink large wood carving - " Ssangyong hold column " ; 3 meters high, the Millennium fragrant fruit carving - " many happy returns." Exotic garden not only to save, protect and cultivate a large number of old trees and rare plants, is a model of ecological and environmental protection ; and create a high -quality, distinctive boutique attractions for foreign tourists feast for the eyes, head tours Anna, comprehend large magical beauty of nature, feel the taste of rainforest scenery and experience the rich ethnic customs.

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