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Home >> Zhangfeng Kannon Temple sightseeing tours

Zhangfeng Kannon Temple

Zhangfeng Kannon TempleZhang Feng Kannon Temple is located in the provincial town of Port Dehong Zhang Feng Longchuan County on the west side of the old village center, it is both a good place to travel the province border scenery, but also of the Buddhist classics Chinese big hidden storage places.

Into Zhang Feng Kannon Temple, one over the gate, and saw that a large frame towering top, a small pavilion-like corners tilt to fly on both sides of each door a little door. Walked from the door inward, not a few would see a big incense tripod stands in the upper house of the platform, spit smoke slowly drifting into the air. This incense tripod height of about one meter, the shape of Chinese ancient bronze relics Si Mu Wu Ding generous, looks very beautiful. Behind the platform, a daisy clumps, dwarf pine verdant gardens, spread a beautiful picture, the right half of the central garden, there is a height of about 20 meters Cooper, although in decline and appears emaciated due, but the entire body but refused to yield to erect, which provoked the top of a large cluster of green shade. Yunnan Garden Central, two unknown tree trunks showed a symmetrical shape shilly songs, a lush foliage. Garden to the left, the small size of the building a prominent cornices, covered in chic little flat on one room, creating an elegant atmosphere, this is Zhang Feng Jing Lou Guanyin Temple. This building collection of Chinese Grand Tibet printed a total of 7 577, weighing about 1500 kg, and 160 attached tape cassette. China Grand Tibet written in the Tang period stout Buddhist sutras, a collection of Buddhist Sanzo classics, law, theory, by the Taiwan Foundation Education Foundation gift.

End of the garden is the main hall and the Buddhist Church, the two pavilion-style pavilion together, form a spectacular landscape. The left of the main hall, three Sakyamuni Buddha sitting side by side in the middle of a high platform, which sit maximum. Three Buddha statue were kindly, smiling, life, about space were huge drums and bells hanging, exclusively for the temple's monks and nuns chanting percussion festival, in front of three Buddhas, several small Buddha inlaid in the frame in an orderly arrangement. Large copper incense burner cigarette curl, I do not know how many Yunnan travel visitors by pilgrims knock the ring head. The right of the Buddhist Church Central, Guanyin hands together sitting on the bench, before Buddha sitting around are bits resembles female Bodhisattva Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy is said that the two junior sister apprentice. Two Buddha, the Buddha ride right white elephant, trunk raised high, Buddha pious hands clasped together in front; Buddha left of riding a flying lion same hands clasped together in front, that lion legs vacated, very mighty. Front left, a dress and Journey to the West in a very similar monk monk left hand cymbals, right hand holding the stick. Temple statues are all vivid, lifelike.

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