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Home >> Eryuan Westlake travel information and tours

Eryuan Westlake

Eryuan WestlakeERYUAN Westlake, Yunnan provincial-level scenic spots, national wetland park, to be evaluated national AAAA level scenic area, located in Cangshan Mountain first peak (north to south) Cloud Peak Lane foothills. Afar Westlake, Lake, Green Island Little Island, reed green, vista, fishing seclusion, smoke curl, herons European cluster, four birds homing ...... will definitely cause your endless nostalgic feelings! Nature is composed of six entire Westlake Village Seven Islands, a radius of about five kilometers. If you can fly a plane panoramic bird's-eye view Westlake, a condensed island style will greet the eye. She foothills west, east, north Tianchou, shallow lake in southern export zone, north and south a little about 3 kilometers west width of 2 km and a half, lakeshore length of 13 km. So, in order to tour the Westlake over, spend a day. If you want a more intimate feel to West Lake, the lake would have to be more than a few days. Changsha only drink water and eat the fish of Wuchang. Yangtze River crossing, ahead in Tianshu. Regardless of wind and waves, is worth a stroll ......., If we say, in the song ,Prelude to swim, embodied in a bold Miles, then, in Eryuan Westlake, you have to experience, it is a small fishing households quiet and peaceful. ,Westlake only drink water, and eat fish Westlake, in the Westlake cuisine in Westlake Fish is an important feature of the local lake boiled fish can be described as a great cuisine.

Three Zhaobi Square, Bai restaurant patio Tetraena five architectural pattern, simple colors, large heavy furnishings will make you feel good, kind of ,family, feeling. Westlake finished when you taste delicious, you can also walk to the lake, to the entertainment district RBI cards, drink tea or talk to the lake Caoting dessert, everything relaxed you call the shots. As night fell, the evening breeze, and you stay at the lake, ,hands opened the window months ago, a stone to break the water day, will spontaneously inspired. When you are sitting over in the Westlake harbor, lifting fatigue, ready to leave, may wish to walk around the shopping street, Westlake Ecological next tasting plum fruit, Yunnan tours to Dali put the point of the West Lake occasion. When you take a drive away sadness and pictures, please think of the phrase an old saying - Homeward Bound. ,Butterfly fly bloom next year, princes determined to come will,, when you tired, please remember that there will always be your parking bays!

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