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Home >> Nuodeng Ancient Village travel guide and tour

Nuodeng Ancient Village

Nuodeng Ancient VillageThis is an ancient village located in the mountains, located in Yunlong county, because there is some distance from Dali, so I do not often been raised, and very few tourists set foot, "Snow Deng " the name is said to have been used up to now from the Tang Dynasty, after they have not changed, even the names are already so old, settling time already here. Connaught Deng because salt is known, according to local legend, the original discoverer bittern Novo is the surname Deng pastoralists, some scholars believe that promise Deng (laode) is a white language, meaning " tiger child " is the ancient times for Tiger totem worship, but also the clan 's name.

Dali flourished from the bus station to buy tickets to the Yunlong, due to the recent bad weather, rain, roads often lead to collapse, usually as long as three hours on the road, walking for nearly four hours, but the scenery along the way are, readily took cell phone camera, freeze down are a beautiful picture. Collapse in the face of the Department, the car stopped, we got off the roadside wildflowers waving to us, distant smoke curl, traffic jam seemed to be a false beauty.

I felt like I was there with the promise Deng fate, this fate flowing in mind, here is a look, of course, contains its own nostalgia of this place. The car arrived in Yunlong county, Yunnan Dali tour in the few passengers waiting hall, queuing up to buy a return ticket, but was told the next day tickets have been sold out, disappointed, there is a young man came running out of breath refund, just two we are overjoyed, suddenly felt the atmosphere suddenly tense evacuation open, Yunlong nice, because in such a golden holidays, it is not because the interests of the trend to increase the shuttle service to attract tourists, despite how people outside toss it always kept his pace, but at a slow pace there.

For Dali this place I want to read too much, came several times, there is always a lot of harvest, when the first time since the Torch Festival, the second coming for the legendary double gallery, the third come, went to distant Shaxi town, which is the fourth time, in order to promise Deng, I do not fear the long distance. It was discovered that such expectations and pay is worth it, promise Deng did not let me down, even in the National Day Golden Week, should have remained here belong tranquility of the countryside, just a few times more tourists hallway praise the voice sounded alley crushing footsteps. Prior to this, there is not even heard of this very famous in the history of northwest Yunnan Millennium Village, and occasionally at a friend's gift of " Dali " magazine, we see the promise Deng figure, is it a long stone staircase to attract, I swear I must be in the nearest time, go to this place.

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