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Home >> Luoquan Peninsula Scenic sightseeing tours

Luoquan Peninsula Scenic

Luoquan Peninsula ScenicLuoquan Peninsula Scenic is the former days mirror Pavilion area evolved, including Guanyinge, Prince Court House days Immortals mirror Luo Ge Quan Quan Temple Tarot stone mules and other attractions. Luo Tsuen Peninsula tourist areas are located on the east bank of Erhai Lake Dali Erhai days Mirror House is located in the east coast of the north island Jinsuo Luo Tsuen peninsula. The peninsula is the case jade mountain Mountains southward extension. Nanzhao late Erhai Lake was once solemn Buddhist resort. Until now, there is also popular with many wealthy mysterious Tantric myth.

According to historical records, Dali trips the Luo Quan peninsula in Nanzhao when it was built into one of the three pillars of a temple pavilion and a tower. Luo Quan Temple is Temple, Temple site in the eastern coastal peninsula sloping valley; House is Guanyinge; tower tower called Luo Quan, who stands on the north side of the ridge Guanyinge. Legend, in ancient times there is a demon Rakshasa occupied Dali Bazi, eats the human brain and the human eye. Later Rakshasa was Guanyin uniform, but his gang of Minions also hidden in the east coast of Erhai Yadong, the trouble, often traveling overturned vessel. One cried Ann Shenseng in Luo Quan Temple built on the peninsula, from the calm, so the temple's monks called him Master Luo Quan. Luo Quan Master magical wand, read a few spells, will be able to hold the three days and three nights the sun never sets. Luo Quan Temple destroyed later, Luo Tsuen villagers donated temple hall built in recent years, the scale has been far better than a year.

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