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Home >> Butterfly Spring travel information and tour

Butterfly Spring

Butterfly SpringButterfly Spring located in Cangshan cloud get under peak 25 km from the city, 40 km from Shimonoseki, 25 kilometers north of Dali distance. Bai in the hearts of people, Butterfly Spring is a symbol of love, loyalty spring, butterflies each year, Bai young men and women from all parties have come here, throwing a stone test depth, with songs find their loved one.

About the Butterfly Spring, in Guo 's song Butterfly Spring poem, the narrative is a legend here long circulated, another interpretation of the story is The Butterfly Lovers tragic love tragedy. According to legend, orphan Wen Xia Gu Lang and Hunter both love, fall in love, but the local bullies coveted girl in Kou Wen, Yunnan tour to Dali Xia Lang took the opportunity to persecution, they wanted to break up, love of people reluctant to be separated, and finally forced both jumped into the butterfly Spring, into a pair of butterflies, year after year, tirelessly flying around in the spring, singing the praises of Wen Xia Lang Kou and steadfast love.

Lunar annually between March and April, Cloud Mountain on a variety of exotic plants get bloom, the fountain of the acacia tree exudes an elegant fragrance to entice thousands of butterflies come to the party. These butterflies big as the palm, like a small bee, Pina dance between them or colorful camellias, azaleas and other flowers, or playing in the nines visitors head. More that countless butterflies from the acacia tree, one only upside Yan, even have enough hook, knot growing string has been down to the water, under the sun, multicolored Woon, spectacular marvelous. Especially the lunar calendar April 15 this day, in case the weather Qinghe, it is unprecedented, not only more amazing butterflies, and a wide variety, such as Pteris butterflies, butterfly large gray tiles, and everything, merged into a butterfly world. In recent years, Butterfly Spring Park trimmed and expansion, repair a Butterfly House, hexagonal pavilion, a large crescent pool, butterfly Herbarium, Wanghailou and Xu statue.

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