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Home >> Dali Ancient City tour information

Dali Ancient City

Dali Ancient CityDali elm leaves for short, is also called the purple city, its history can be traced back to, began years NaZhaoWang GeLuoFeng built my sheep baa city (near the city of west tower), for its new capital. Now the ancient city was built in Ming dynasty fifteen years (AD 1382), according to literature records, its grand scale, around 12, the walls two zhangs five feet high, thick two zhangs, north and south, east and west have a gate on the tower, respectively called: sea, sun, ChengEn, fully confident; City four corners and turrets, and each has a name: YingChuan, xiping, kongming, long qing. For the exterior wall of the wall brick, the above torque, and the ring groove.

Street in the city has, the layout is chessboard, five street from south to north, from east to west are eight lane. And, of course, these buildings most has gone yuan deposit today, some still faintly visible, now also preserved in the city of north and south part of the wall. In 1982, rebuilt south side door, door head guo moruo calligraphy and Dali is set. The north-south main street in the city; On both side of the street park roof, homes, shops, workshops, a school of of primitive simplicity style. It is worth noting that a typical bai local-style dwelling houses is commonly three room and one zhaobi, snap five courtyards. So-called three room and one screen wall, namely every hospital has a first. Two wing; First opposite the side walls, when in the afternoon to the evening sunlight reflection to the hospital again on the wall, the whole courtyard shines bright. Therefore calls zhaobi. This kind of situation, in the city where the wind is more apparent, to avoid by west wind, there was plenty of first sitting west toward the east. So-called snap five courtyards, which are all around the house, four Angle junction respectively have four small big well, add in the middle of the yard big patio, a total of five patio.

Decoration is another characteristic of bai local-style dwelling houses building, pays attention to a gate, cornices, newborn stone painting, Yunnan tour packages characteristic, doors and Windows, zhaobi multi-purpose JianChuan wood and marble, paint and ink painting decoration, fine craft, pure and fresh and elegant, in the southwest of local-style dwelling houses building, first-class. Dali people love flowers. There are three Wells, a door a few potted flower. Most residential courtyard have a flower bed, camellia and so on many kinds of flowers and trees planting. Lunar February 14 every year the flower festival, every household to own potted flowers and trees in the doorway, as huashan, attract the quartet visitors to appreciate. Because love flowers, people are named after flowers to a girl. Golden flower is bai girl the laudatory name, Dali is also known as the hometown of golden flowers. Dali overview | Dali introduce | | Dali Dali attractions recommended Dali is of primitive simplicity is quiet. Streams of water flow in the city, make the person feel more pure and fresh. Disappeared in the depths of the streets garden coffee shop is essential for visitors to rest well, new lines of foreigners' street became more foreign tourists gather remit place, with characteristic snack bai, the famous three tea makes people feel don't have interest.

To Dali tourism, if time allows, you might as well stay here one night, there are many residential hotels, completely according to the bai traditional building, the price is not expensive also, service is also good. Live here, in the evening to take a walk street of bai people, chatting with them day and should be an interesting option.

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