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Home >> Shiyang Ancient Town tourist information

Shiyang Ancient Town

Shiyang Ancient TownShiyang town only 30 km away from the city Dayao drive all the way along the front line of the flat asphalt from the north west county road with peak turn, sometimes tortuous, sometimes straight, passing a dozen small roadside village, all the way there Qifeng rocks, there are lush vicissitudes trees all the way down to the front line, they unwittingly embrace occupying the town. Shiyang, sinking salt mining since the Western Han Dynasty, is the rich Yunnan Salt, the salt of the seventeenth century was the heyday of Shiyang, although hand workshops annual salt reached more than nine hundred thousands. Several southern provinces, border neighbors, are able to enjoy the white snow white Salt proud. Many merchants and officials dynasties " immediate lifting division," the rotation, so Kunming tours to admired Shiyang beings aspire to become valuable place, but also to the way place located in the mountains of Shiyang impact on multiculturalism. "Li Zhen folk schools, set off for Streams law, building towers Square to training style."

Shiyang, ancient Shirai, located northwest of Chuxiong to Dayao County, 35 kilometers from the county, land area of 407 square kilometers, with a total population of 27,668 people. It is a long history, rich cultural heritage of the town. Historically, the Central Plains culture and Yi culture collide in this blend, Confucian culture, salt, culture, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and other religious and cultural interactions between here, leaving a brilliant history, culture and customs. Shiyang radius of not more miles and Ming had established spiritual source, Zhang Gong, green radish, Longquan, Dragons College and more than five free school, private school hall, various cultures clash, blend, bred with the existing characteristics of Shiyang Shiyang culture. Despite the destruction of many historical vicissitudes and natural disasters, but still retained many of the long historical relics, and its rich cultural heritage, in August 1995, was named for the first three Provincial People's Government of historical and cultural one of the town.

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