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Home >> Longhua Temple travel guide and tour

Longhua Temple

Longhua TempleYaoan Long Hua Temple, commonly known as the living temple, located 12 kilometers north of the county Yaoan guanglu Town foothills. Nishiyama shaped like a swimming dragon hovering heavy Luan towering mountains climbed this mountain folk known as Dragon Mountain.

Dragon Mountain, lush pines and cypresses, competing stands, tall and straight, steep Longhua Temple in the jungle. Longhua Temple site name Reclining Buddha Temple, built in AD 907-923 years (ie years after Tang Tianyou, Meng Chao Shih-Lung period) According to the Qing Guang Shan County, Henan County Cailong Song written by people " living temple rebuilt Longhuashan tablets" contains: " a Friday night, due to this worship Shenseng midnight to go, thus, Dali monks know that knot Cong Temple here, xiu precepts, creating mountains Temple, later known as the temple. "

When the 13th century, Mongol soldiers destroy Dali, Taixiang martyred high relative to the country, its female Bodhi pain country perishes, brothers discrete, at Reclining Buddha Temple monks, Kunming dinosaur fossils tours to Chuxiong when the Indian monk born gift from the linden seeds planted in sihou to Bu brothers parting survival, nine seeds grow well after nine brothers fruit unharmed, finally got the reunion. Brother was granted a high longevity army zongguanfu Explorer Yaoan Road, alterations Reclining Buddha Temple, renamed the living temple, and made like Bodhi worship.

Early Ming Dynasty, the temple has opened providers Buddha Cliff Jackson Here, around the monk dragon, the ancient court, were wind, vibration, etc. continued Seven hundred Yu Renyun set here. Subsequently there Cong Ming also has far turn, Longhua Temple Buddhist shrine will become one of western Yunnan region. Ming, there is silence empty monks from Sichuan to Yaoan lectures, expertise precepts, each temple monks to help, pulling to Rebellion rent, giving gold and silver, expanding temples.

In 1638, Xu was traveling travel to this, the local geography and landscape scenery was simple pen description. Longhua Temple abbot monk was empty silence for his worship lunch and stay after he Xuan rest. Longhua Temple Fifty-seven years after Emperor Kangxi (1717) Fire destroyed, and thick toast overhead abbot monk lonely empty rebuilt. Twenty years Guangxu (1894) and destroyed, Yap troops Si-liang and feel safe abbot monk build. When you rebuild the base did not move, as is rehabilitation. However, none involving fire destroyed twice Mercy Hall (tact F) and post- Xuan, Xuan hence tact floor and remained after the Ming Dynasty architecture.

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