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Home >> Heijing Ancient Town travel guide and tours

Heijing Ancient Town

Heijing Ancient TownHeijing Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, the " dinosaur town" - Lufeng, since ancient times is a tribute salt producing areas. It is near the mountain river, is a long- sealed in Longchuan river valley town has been almost a century, is one of the four ancient town in Yunnan. According to the " Black Salt " records: " A call between natives cattle Lee Hill, a cow manure Chak times, after the loss of cattle due to traces of, to the well of the cattle to a salt lick." This is the first black one to commemorate the achievements, then known here as " black Bull Salt ", later known as "black well." Here honest, beautiful scenery, is a secluded place.

Kuroi still retains a more complete pattern of traditional towns, houses, religion, the Church and other buildings, there are 21 cultural relics protection units, is well -known artifacts Lufeng County town of Kunming dinosaur fossils discovery tour to Chuxiong. After thousands of years, ancient town still, historical vein pattern is clear, distinctive.

"King" font Wu Courtyard mansion, arch, dynasty emperor's imperial brush, flying Temple, had previously produced salt Salt and brine pond is still there. In the Dragon Emperor Yongzheng Cinei hanging plaque inscribed the words " spiritual source Puze " four characters. This plaque more than 2 meters long, 80 cm wide, carved with nine leading on the plaque. " Puze spiritual source," the word is also Yongzheng Emperor evaluation of the benefits was black brine wells Zep world. There are built in the Ming Dynasty, was completed in the Qing Dynasty, still plays a role in flood control, guarding the black Jingzhen secure Kuroi Qingan embankment, but also a place to not go.

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