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Home >> Yongren Fang Mountain tour guide

Yongren Fang Mountain

Yongren Fang MountainYongren Fangshan not only beautiful, but also located in the strategic side of the mountain was yongren monks chant through contacts at the foot rest and the Emeishan Gyejoksan between land, so yongren Fangshan in the history of Buddhism was Holy Land. Do yongren Fangshan also a military fortress, according to legend was Zhuge Liang Nan Zheng had in this camp, though after nearly two years of wind and rain, Zhuge Ying Pun scar faintly discernible, to the Qing Dynasty still Fangshan as military. Yongren side of the mountain forest coverage rate reached 70%, fresh air and cool climate, with an average annual temperature of 12 degrees. Even in the summer season, 60 kilometers away from the Fangshan of the ferry yongren city and not far from the yongren, Yunnan trips to Yuanmou county temperatures up to 38 degrees, the mountain remained at around 17 degrees, tend to mountain man forced on the Liangshan.

Fangshan to a party is different from other famous word party word was just like a broad platform. On the platform, such as weaving pine forest, such as the roar of the pines, people feel deep desert nature and exuberant vitality thus embodied. Along State Road 108 from yongren drove north, 17 kilometers from the county seat on the left side, and that is the imposing Fangshan. Cong trees mountains, springs overflowing, rich cultural landscape and beautiful natural environment integration, its attractions are Zhuge camp, Wangjiang Ridge, seven bridges, pearls dripping rocks, rhino pond, static Germany Temple, turtles and immortal monument Cave, Biqiunita, stand as the peak, living temple, chess rock, Wuhou stone walls and so on.

Fangshan Jing Ou beautiful, cool weather, majestic majestic mountains, refreshing sweet spring water, scenic natural environment is superior, natural landscape, cultural landscape rich set of steep, simple, elegant, and beautiful in the mountain and into the mountains, nature, history, humanities, religion and folklore in a furnace, great scenery, unique. Is ideal for summer, resort, vacation, tourism, scientific investigation.

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