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Home >> Dragon Tiger Gorge tourist guide

Dragon Tiger Gorge

Dragon Tiger GorgeYunnan yongren dragon gorge located downstream Yongren Yongding 9 km southeast of the city, is one of the famous Grand Canyon, northwest Yunnan, examine the dragon Gap panorama, gently undulating, grass vine beings, the vast gray, extraordinarily broad, majestic. There are nine Tam Gap dragon waterfall eighteen thirty-six cliffs one hundred and eight spots, set this in the canyon, the terrain is very steep, leaning on the cliffs overlooking the deep valley, the waist with the Trans- plank.

Gap scenic spots tiger dragon dance rock, rock gods, flying stones, Admiralty Lake, moon roof, Milky waterfall, jade waterfall, waterfall lion, fairy waterfall, Oolong waterfall, waterfall waterfall trail, plank promenade, green wall, Eagle rock, Jinjishan, silver mountain chicken (Jiguanshan), Tengu swallow month and other major attractions, natural, odd steep show, Kunming tour entered the canyon, mix, rock phosphate form, is very rich in natural wonders, it Xiaxiang, linger, set-hung, dangerous, steep, secluded in a canyon, melting history, mountains, folklore, the expedition as a whole.

The most spectacular scenic waterfall Tianhe, the waters prevailed, avalanche, waterfalls, waves splash, mist filled the air, a nearby roar. Qi Shan hills, overlooking the cliff, the scenery here is fine, at the precipice, artful eagle eagle rock is less than this I do not know the true face of the gorge. Look, Fairy Lake countless tiny rapids, evokes much vitality dragon Gap, Gap dragon gave much Reiki, torrent hit rock, tears tears murmuring, stirring merry and bright, canyon around, chain of mountains, grasses, patches of wildflowers, the sound of water, birds and the wind, ears, how can linger as people do? Create a dragon Gap uncanny spectacle of nature, is a mountain of light, flowers and trees, as well as a pool of blue water and cliffs of Aura Lake, is in such a quiet and beautiful landscape full of spiritual being, what kind of trouble can not be washed out, What kind of advantages does not heal the wounds it?

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