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Home >> Yunfeng Mountain sightseeing guide

Yunfeng Mountain

Yunfeng MountainYunfeng Mountain is located 50 km northwest of Tengchong County, Swiss towns and villages, and went to Tengchong volcano is in the same direction, this mountain shaped like Yu-Sun distance, stand, line the horizon, because Feng Yao often misty, named Yunfeng Mountain is Yunnan is more typical of granite landscape.

Yunfeng Mountain jian projections, and therefore also known as Eagle's Nest. Peaks line the horizon, misty clouds seasons, it is Yunfeng said. Yunfeng Taoist temple was built in the Ming Dynasty. Vault hall set: triple ladder, hundred and ten miles west of the city, there Yunfeng Mountain, the peak show such as Yu-Sun, never seems too China's dragon ridge, both sides are cliffs cliffs, unattainable, stone ridge cattle down, if the dragon tail in transition. According to legend, the ancients one by one deer, direct hill, Yan suddenly gone, with only a trace between hoof stone, due surprised that spirit, seeking to build the temple, with the mountain stone quarry, there rhodamine ladder, Yuan Wang's, see Chihiro kicking stones, erected high above the clouds, dangerous ladder fold, even Diange the male away. Xu in Chong years (AD 1639) April 23 Dengyun Mountain tourism trips, stay on the 2nd.

Yunfeng Mountain overlooking, like Joan Tower mountains, Pro bottomed carriage concept, list of small hills, like heaven on earth. Morning, in Yunfeng mountain sunrise, as in the sea of clouds, to find that Red Gate gushing, Rays ten thousand, myriad mountains, panoramic view, the United States can not be made; twilight bird's-eye view cottage lights, starry, just like human . cloudland Yunfeng Mountain has built by the mountain of more than 3,000 stone steps, is thousands of years Quartet believers hard and executed; significant visit to the Holy Pilgrimage Road. Steepest stairs at almost perpendicular sides is the abyss, dazzling scared, visitors must hand chains, stickers cliff face before adopting.

Yunfeng Temple was built in two acres of hilltop square, there Yuhuangge, Laojundian, Guanyin temple and Ming Dynasty architecture. Spend 40 yuan by cable car can avoid exertion. Concept of vegetarian feast, rooms are available, convenient accommodation. Early morning view of the sea of clouds, watching the sunrise, listening to the sounds of nature, Wu Chan machine, do not have a state. Peak winter cold need to wear warm clothing.

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