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Volcano Group

Volcano GroupTengchong in Yunnan Baoshan City volcanoes Class A tourist attractions Tengchong volcanoes located west of Yunnan Province transverse mountain peak Gongshan two, mainly concentrated in cis, horse station area, for the most typical Quaternary volcano in southwest China. Because it is located in the edge of the Eurasian plate, crustal movement active, frequent earthquakes. When a violent earthquake, landslides Water Bay, karst surface spray until the shaking stops, karst cooling to form a seat unique shape volcano. Known as the natural geological museum, Fitch's Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, located in the world's attention Alpine - Himalayan Indian plate and the Eurasian tectonic plate with the sharp lines joining amassed underground faults very developed, magma Activity is also very intense, one of China's most famous volcano intensive areas. Domestic distribution of large and small short and tall volcano four Shiyu Zuo, constitute a large group of volcanic landscape. Minyan cloud:. Well a vault states, ten mountain nine headless This headless mountain, in all likelihood volcano.

Within the range of more than 100 square kilometers around the county, and on the distribution of more than 70 large and small, shaped like upside down wok volcano. Some volcanoes, erupted 300 years ago still, Tengchong county that sits on to Fengshan volcanic lava outflow. 10 km north of the city to play hawk mountain is volcano crown, 2614 meters above sea level, the relative height of 64O meters, the crater diameter 3O0 meters, more than 100 meters deep. In the vicinity of more than 10 kilometers northwest of the county horse stations village, black empty mountains, big empty fires Hills from north to south were aligned in a line spacing were about 1000 meters. Built a volcano park, a national scenic area. In the vicinity of the crater, visitors can also pick up the gray, red, black and other colors of volcanic rock as a memento. This proportion is very light volcanic rock, called pumice. A person can gently lift a big, it will not sink into the water. People say, go down the drain, the laws of nature, where not efficacious. Volcanoes nearby geothermal area also rich region, about 90 multiple Springs. Look down from a height of winter, the heat vacated, hazy mist, the hot sea, said.

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