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Home >> Southwest Silk Road sightseeing information

Southwest Silk Road

Southwest Silk RoadLift the Silk Road, people will think of the Gobi desert beyond the Great Wall, business contacts marching moonlight starlight, accompanied by monotonous Camel trek. Maybe you do not know, even before the piece opens up the world-famous Silk Road Northwest, another folk have quietly engaged in Commercial Road in the East, the Western economic and cultural exchanges - this is what we want to show you the Southwest Silk Road.

Southwest Silk Road in China, consisting of three trunk length over 2000 km. Chengdu is a starting point, after Yibin, Zhaotong, Qujing, Kunming, Chuxiong, Southwark, yunnanyi to Dali ; a departure from Chengdu South by Qionglai, Ya'an, spiritual customs, Xichang, Yaoan to Dali, this entry also known as the spirit of off Road ; Third, after the confluence of the two westbound through Yangbi, Yongping, Baoshan, Tengchong out of Burma to Myanmar from Baoshan section called Yongchang Road. Chengdu is the starting point for Southwest Silk Road, Tengchong is Southwest Silk Road last inn. Yuan after the reunification of Yunnan, the province established the territory Inn 78, where the Chinese and Qing (now Kunming) to Dali along by Lufeng Road Austin, Wei Chu, sand it, Pu shed, white rocks of various stations, along with the times Changes have said Tong, shop, post, clearance, relay and so on.

This trail is a rare cultural heritage, some of which have been included in the historical and cultural protection inn units, but the lack of unified planning and protection across the board, recommended that the Southern Silk Road to include cultural heritage, the existing sections of the census, the overall protection down planning, developing tourism, a series of north-south trending mountain canyon mountain range consisting of, strange geological formations, forming a colorful natural landscape, vast deposits of precious rare animals and plants. Here since prehistoric times onwards, Chinese ethnic lines is a good channel and from migration, still home to more than a dozen minority Qiang, Yi, Tibetan, Hui, Bai, Dai, Lisu, Pumi, Achang, Deang, Jingpo. Developed on the basis of this ancient nation Silk Road corridor on the west, is the fertile Chengdu Plain as a starting point, through Yunnan travel into Burma and then to India, and then as far as Central Asia and Europe. Northwest overland Silk Road, the land south of the Maritime Silk Road Silk Road and the southwest, south-west of the earliest development of the Silk Road, in the fourth century BC, had already opened. This is called the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty, Shu body poison Road, Shu Sichuan, body poison is India's ancient name, means starting from Sichuan, Yunnan through Burma until the trade route to India. Dianxi Gu Xinan Silk Road remains mainly located in Baoshan City, kiosk, Singapore and Dali Prefecture official level Boonen Hill and other places.

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