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Home >> Heshun Qiaoxiang travel guide and tour

Heshun Qiaoxiang

Heshun QiaoxiangTengchong hometown rolls located three kilometers west of the ancient name of Yang lukewarm village. Heshun's name from Yun Chung lucky, the wind rolls, the poem, sustenance of the local people's yearning for a better life. The township has more than 1,300 households with 6,000 people. In the long history of overseas Chinese abroad, Qiaoshu more, and become a famous hometown of overseas Chinese province, the township population residing abroad, 100.2% of the domestic population. Plus their relatives, 167.6% of the domestic population. Overseas Chinese in more than ten countries Myanmar, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Canada, the United States.

Since ancient times, Heshun is a culture developed, to human resources areas. Into Heshun Township, I saw simple and elegant shrine, the Church, the platform, pavilions, stone fence everywhere, recorded hometown once flourished in history and tradition rich cultural heritage. That river willow Yiyi, rippling pond, lotus slim, the hometown of bucolic more charming decorated. Shueiduei Heshun name is King, here picturesque scenery, Castle Peak, such as Dai, green shadow her mother. Gleaming yuan Longtan such as a mirror, reflecting the antique Yuanlong Court, makes endless interest, away. No wonder a number of film directors, photographers, painters like to paint it here shooting.

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