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Home >> Jade Buddha Temple travel guide

Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha TempleBaoshan Jade Buddha Temple, located at the entrance to the mountains of Yunnan Baoshan CPIC, formerly Cui Wei Yongchang House floor literati word concentration of passengers in 1986, the famous Ming Returned Overseas Chinese monk Master Miao Feng was changed only four Chinese jade Buddha statue 's face, in tin here, mountains Temple, Jade Buddha invited from Burma. Monastery near Longyang one, the Imperial House, the pavilion. Today Jade Buddha Temple has been built gate, Fujikado, Third Temple, Main Hall, dining hall, dormitories, terra jade pagoda, Canon House, the ancestral hall, Whitfield Hall, living room, etc. There jade Buddha worship hall III Buddha, earth Store Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, the three temple enshrines gild Western Trinity, and a jade Buddha Sakyamuni, the Tibetan Tripitaka new repair Taisho Tripitaka, Qianlong Tripitaka, enshrines China Yan Trinity, and a Buddha and two disciples, terra jade jade Buddha stupa worship shocked large and small jade Buddha 999, Veda Vedic temple worship Buddha statue with gold, Yunnan tour packages to the ancestral hall is dedicated to the Department of Rinzai clouds atop Taebaek ancient Patriarch.

Abbot of the monastery mountains wonderful Ming elders, a monk in 1942, went to Burma in 1947 Senate Study, 1950 in the ten round a temple in Myanmar, Thailand, more than ten years studying Buddhist Institute. 1985 home, a former Chinese Buddhist Association, executive director of the Buddhist Association of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province CPPCC members. The current vice president of the Buddhist Association of Baoshan City, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Longyang District.

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