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Air Corridor

Air CorridorMengla nearly 500 acres of virgin forest, known as green treasure, he said. Within 20 km from Mongla complement the original humid rainforest frog, the growth is 40 to 70 meters high Shorea, erected in sight sky tree air corridor, a total length of 2.5 km, it is the road linking both sides of the original forest You can enjoy a taste of the tropical rainforest in a broad perspective on the singular scenery.

Jungle along the gurgling streams, drill into the deep ravine, watch a mix of tropical plant communities, the forest is also home to elephants, bison, gibbons and other animals over 30 kinds; growing Nageia, arborea, cycads, Yunnan imbricatus, Xishuangbanna group blooms and a dozen other precious trees, and there are precious medicinal plants in the horse before the child, more than 30 kinds of US orange wood, mosaic dragon blood trees.

Since Parashorea stout trunk a few people have come to encirclement, smooth trunk and nothing can focus on, so they had to use a metal ladder, the ladder tied to the trunk, people of Xishuangbanna tours stepping on a ladder to climb the same time, turn a steadily ladder linking climb again after a fixed, final delivery of material via a ladder. Single is set up between two trees Parashorea 70 meters long in the first paragraph, on the use of two months. It took more than a year then erected since become the most in China and Asia's, known as the world's first high, China's first crown corridor air corridor.

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