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Home >> War Cemetery travel information and tour

War Cemetery

War CemeteryUnder a kilometer southwest of Tengchong County, Riverside cascading small group slope, built with Chinese Expeditionary Force recovered twenty army Tengchong war memorial cemetery of soldiers dead Chen, Revolution veteran patriot Mr. Li Genyuan grade Songs Shame title, title the War Cemetery.

August 2, 1944, the Chinese Expeditionary Force began to launch attacks on the Tengchong total. But more than two years in Japanese entrenched Tengchong focus fortress city built more than 30 seats, all streets dotted fort, trenches extending in all directions, the entire Tengchong city has become a large and strong fortress. The Japanese rely on fortifications and streets, houses madness resistance. After a month of bloody fighting, the Japanese army was totally destroyed. Until September 14, 1944 morning, the city sporadic enemy is eliminated, Tengchong fully recovered. Due to fierce fighting, the battle was a historian as scorched earth war of resistance.

War Cemetery was established in July 7, 1945, it covers an area of ??88 acres, the main building with axial symmetry, progressive form of stairs, through a long passage through the door and on the stone steps to the first step, and then follow the ancient stage and on to embedded Chiang Kai-shek's title Genyuan book Treasure of the Sierra ages second step stone retaining walls along both sides of the culture to the second level on points, we have a solemn Shrine. Zhong Yan Jing Shan Shrine building, hanging on the eaves of Chiang Kai-shek KMT veteran calligrapher title hanging on the plaque, donated the main entrance hall. He Yue Ying Ling on the right hand of the book Martyrs plaque, hanging temple outside columns Gua Yingqin and title together twenty Army expeditionary force generals military adviser, on both sides of the corridor there are national government military committee announcement group to protect the country's Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Cemetery signed twenty army commander what aid chapter of Battle Tengchong Summary, Martyrs Monument and other tablets.

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