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Home >> Dianmian War Museum travel guide and tours

Dianmian War Museum

Dianmian War MuseumDianmian War Museum Locations are then counterattack Tengchong Expeditionary Force headquarters site, Heshun Town Tengchong County, Yunnan Baoshan City. Dianmian War Museum is the first funded the construction of a civil society, private collections, to the war-themed museum.

Dianmian War is an important part of the world anti-fascist war, the Chinese Expeditionary Force and battlefield Chinese Army in India and the United States, Britain and the Allies wiped out the Japanese invaders, the Chinese people for the first time in modern history the aggressors out fighting abroad.

More than 6,000 pieces of cultural relics, 1000 old photos, there are many treasures, dish. In which 39 served as a witness to the Sino-US friendship with Jiang Zemin visited the United States. Museum divided into five parts: a broken, tragic expedition, the fall of the years, sword sweep beacon, sun and moon light weight. Through a lot of old photographs, documentaries, historical facts of information, paintings, comic strips, etc., and collection of artifacts together, a true representation of the history.

Dianmian War Museum, July 7, 2005 opening, the former Chinese Kuomintang party chairman wrote an inscription for the museum, CCTV .face to face. column exception here created three programs. Received more than fifty year participated in the Dianmian War of American veterans. In the country had a broad impact.

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