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Home >> Niru Township travel information and trip

Niru Township

Niru TownshipNiru located in Yunnan, known as Shangri-La Fam northeast of Zhongdian County, 75 kilometers from the county. 2705 m above sea level, surrounded by mountains Niru, the annual average temperature 20 ¡æ, the rainfall is 5800 mm, the rainy season more than 6--10 months. Niru four weeks Qing Shan depressed, forests crowded. Due to lower elevation, lush plant growth. Growth patches of birch, a golden autumn. Mountain spruce, fir tall Jingzhuang, directed clouds night, dark green dense canopy can shelter. The forest habitat of musk deer, bear, eared pheasants, monkeys and other exotic animals lynx.

Niru village is famous Zhongdian ranch, where vast pastures, lush plants, the annual occasion of the spring and summer, flocks of sheep cruising in alpine lake, bear hills, facing the green water, cattle little dark, Moody ears, people deeply feel the highlanders put idle wanderings in life. Failing highway, traffic is extremely inconvenient, not known to outsiders for many years, long-term living in Niru Tibetans who live sunrise and sunset leisurely life. When you have the opportunity to drink Tibetan brewed wine, that your life will be in the recollection, idyllic Niru also known as Shangri-La last Fam. A country with forests, anxious stream rapids, meadow Kasen thousand square kilometers of the place, there are some deep in the jungle, Tibetan village.

Since Niru recognized alive in La Fam, so has been called the Fam Fam, is a people willing Zuisi there place. Beautiful original landscape here has been little known until the Three Parallel Rivers World Heritage Area, the relevant geological, biological experts found in the study here has preserved warm temperate, temperate, cold temperate, boreal and other climate biome is the world's richest biodiversity areas.

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